Sunday, June 30, 2019

Just like that six months have passed...

It's the last day of June and so the first six months of 2019 is officially in the books. I didn't do a recap of May's sewing because it primarily consisted of The Event Sewing. Since I was neck deep in it, I passed knowing the info could be put into this post.

So this is a recap post of the last six months...

First: Items Made ~
4 Dover Jackets
5 Cashmerette Pembroke Tunics
4 Shirts from my TNT pattern
2 Vests (one TNT & one Sew Your View)
1 Cardigan
1 Cashmerette Holyoke Skirt
1 pair of wide legged pants from TNT pattern
2 McCalls 7858 fancy dresses for the granddaughters
1 Myosotis Dress for the Event
1 Midi Dress from Vogue 9371 (to be blogged)
1 Dover Maxidress (to be blogged)
Total:  23

The Roscoe Top
The Blk/White Rayon Skirt

Gray Ponte Simplicity Vest

23 makes and 2 refashions just not counting that wadder. LOL!  Not bad for the first six months!

Fabric Totals ~
Fabric accumulation is always a challenge for me since I LOVE it sooooooo much! I knew I was going to blow my totals up in June because - Sew Camp!!! I thought that the fabric I purchased in May would have been used for the Event dresses. However, I bought some that I ended up not using so that increased my unused totals...anyway here are the totals by month.

May Totals:
In - 30.5 yards 
Out - 17 yards

June Totals:
In - 74.75 yards 
(This was a combination of birthday fabric buys and Sew Camp purchases)
Out - 19 yards

YTD In:   246 yards
YTD Out: 180.5 yards

At the mid-point of the year I have 65.5 more yards in than out.  So much for that balancing act in April! However, I still have to do my yearly donation to the high school and I know I won't be purchasing fabric in July & August. I'd like to make it all the way through to the end of September but I will see.

I'm pretty fabric satisfied right now and just want to sew all the things. My wardrobe is changing again due to weight, health, and age situations. I will be doing a clothing donation at the end of the summer when I know what I wore and didn't wear this year. 

My sewing list for the rest of the summer is calling my name. We will see what fabrics actually make it from flat fold and into my closet!  

Next up on the blog is the Dover Maxidress. Spoiler Alert: I love it and will hopefully make another before the summer is over! always more later!  


  1. You've sewn a lot of garments in 6 months - well done! Like you, buying fabric makes me happy and gets the creative juices flowing - no worries about the quantity. Karen

  2. Your closet must bulge as much as your fabric stash! You make so much and it all looks so high end. I feel sorry for those limited to what the stores have.

    1. Actually Connie I do a purge every year - though I skipped last year and am paying for it! *LOL* Since my donation pile is high! I try to keep my garments to what I can fit in my closet and drawers.

  3. I was going to ask if you do regular closet clearings out, and then you mentioned it. You've sewn many more garments than me so far this year. I'm averaging 4 per month when I'm not too busy with life stuff. I've got 19 finished garments, but that includes a knitted top and two re-fits of previously made garments. Don't you love keeping track of your work in this kind of detail? I find it so helpful and illuminating.

  4. What a beautiful wardrobe you have at the end of 6 months. Professional business casual too, you have really made the transition from your previous life's suits. Not an easy trick to pull off.


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