Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Sew Camp Summer 2019

I know y'all must be tired of reading about my Sew Camp adventures BUT y'all these are some of the best sewing weekends.  Not only do I get to go to Fabric Mart's brick n mortar store, I get to spend time with sewists who love this artform as much as I do.

With that introduction, I'm giving an overview of my five days at the Carriage Corner Sew Camp but this post IS picture heavy.  Suffice it to say that I had a good time and that I bought a lot of fabric (not as much as last time but enough).  Suffice it to say that the conversation was poppin' and not all about politics.  Suffice it to say that there were sewing techniques shared and some pattern fitting done...mostly though it was a sewfantastic time!

Camp was five days and we arrive on Thursday afternoon, set up & sew. 

Cennetta showing what she brought to sew

Arleen & Barbara arrived Wednesday afternoon so they were full on 
sewing when I arrived on Thursday afternoon! 

The sewing set up!

On Friday we travelled to Fabric Mart by van since there were 9 campers and it allowed us to all go together. I will say that we blew in, took control and shopped until we dropped!

Barbara in the van on the way to Fabric Mart

At the check out table at Fabric Mart

Shar from Sharbozz joined us at Fabric Mart

Andrea with all of her bags

Gaylen sharing what she bought

400 yards were purchased by the crew and I only purchased 34 yards

After lunch we headed back to the B&B and had a fabric show and tell. Cause y'all there were some interesting bundles purchased! Since I shipped my fabric home, it was not part of the show and tell. It was, however, waiting for me when I got home.

Here is what I purchased... 

5 yds each of black & blue ltwt denim, 5 yds black midweight 3ply silk
4 yds of lt. blue & dk blue sandwashed silk, 3 yds linen/cotton blend floral print
4 yds blue/black/white stripe cotton shirting & 5 yds black floral linen/cotton blend print   

After the show, we sewed the evening away. I went to bed around 1am and there was still a crew sewing. 

Saturday after another delicious B&B breakfast we headed to the quilt store ~ Zooks in particular ~ by way of A&E Candies and the Cupcake Shop. 

Checking the rows and rows of amazing cotton prints

Cennetta deliberating

LaQuana trying to convince us to purchase a batik

We met a fellow Sewist (Samswife2) who follows our blogs

Here's my haul from Zooks...

3 of the prints are 4 yds purchased for shirts or shirtdresses
& the last gingham is a 2 yd gauze that Bonnie and I shared.

It was a great walk there and back after which we headed back to our sewing machines. We had dinner out and then more sewing. I went to my room after dinner to call my family, change my clothes and I fell asleep...waking up at 12:45am.  I could hear the crew still downstairs so I headed down.  Ended up sewing to 5am, turning the lights off about 90 mins before the morning crew started in.

Cennetta sharing a technique

More technique sharing

Gaylen getting the best shot!

Sunday was more of the same. Breakfast then sewing until we couldn't sew anymore. Though I did call it a night around 1am.

Monday after breakfast we decided to take pictures of everyone's garments, who hadn't left already, because the lawn at the B&B is so well landscaped. Those who left early had theirs taken on Sunday afternoon.  Below is a composite of SOME of the garments that were photographed. There was some serious sewing going on at this Sew Camp! 34 garments completed in total!!!

A group shot after pictures on Monday afternoon

I took four garments to make but started with my two most challenging pieces and ended up with 2 finished garments...ALL done...nothing to complete when I got home! I was happy with that since I really wanted the experience. 

So this is what I made...

Detailed blog posts about their construction will be coming soon.

I highly recommend getting on Gaylen's email list for Sew Camp. Besides all of the shopping and interaction, the ability to sew uninterrupted for hours without having to clean or cook makes this a fun, relaxing and very productive time.

There is a 3 day Sew Camp in September and while Gaylen already has some sign ups, I know there is some availability if you're interested. Mostly though get on the mailing list because she usually opens registration about three months before Camp starts.

...as always more later!


  1. You make that sound like loads of fun, even with the all-nighters. I love Arleen's white topper, any chance you could publish directions?

    1. Carol - I'm confused? Directions to camp? Fabric Mart? Or Arleen's top?

    2. Carol - Arleen is not on social media so I'm sorry but I have no idea what her top is. If I find out, I will let you know.

    3. Carol - I believe Arlene told me that was store bought. :(

  2. Just to be able to sew with friends would be a dream.
    So wonderful to see.
    I am a little jealous, but happier for all of you to have this experience.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful write up! Sounds like I've finally made my vision of bringing the Seattle ASG Sewing Retreats to life on a much smaller scale. What I love most about the sewing weekends is the friendships that are developed. Knowing there are others who get it and connecting with them on this level is the best. g

    1. Meanwhile in Seattle, we miss you at our retreats.

    2. Susy - I miss you all as well - this is the best I can do to recreate that wonderful camaraderie that Seattle ASG retreats have. :} g

  4. So enjoyed your post about the Sew Camp. It was fun seeing all the makes everyone produced too. It must be heaven to sew without having to think about stopping to do cooking, housework, etc. Great idea!
    Cecil Beverly

  5. 34 garments!?!? Y'all rock!

    So, so fun. I certainly cannot wait to do it again!

  6. OK, so there's a pic there with you and Samswife2 and Cennetta-what pattern is Cennettas blouse (please tell me it IS a pattern!)? I LOVE that! Simple, easy to wear, but a bit different than a plain ol' tee shirt, ya know?

    1. Hi Schmoomom, Thank you. I made that top 9/2009. My review is posted on my blog. It is Simplicity 2594. I think it's OOP, but you may find it online. Thanks for asking. Cennetta

  7. You all made so many beautiful things!

  8. Carolyn, this was a lovely post about our good time. I can't wait til the next one.

    1. Cennetta - I had sooooo much fun and it was good not to have to rush anything. We could luxurate in the sewing and the good times! See you in 2020!

  9. It was a wonderful weekend! I'm sad that I had to leave on Sunday, but some days go like that. Your 2 dresses are beautiful, and watching you work through the details on the second one, with the red trim, was fascinating. I really enjoy seeing how others think and solve problems. And Cenetta's tutorial was great! (I forgot some of my fabric at the B&B, along with my shears, but that's just a good excuse to return before the September Sew Camp, isn't it?)

  10. Sew Camp get's better every time, It was so much fun, I enjoyed hanging out with everyone!

  11. I really enjoyed reading your post about sew camp and seeing all of the photos. I was with you all in spirit! Love your dresses.


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