Tuesday, June 11, 2019

McCalls 7858 - Aleena's Version

I made Aleena's dress after Samantha's. I thought since I'd already made one I would better understood how the sewing order should go. However, since I was using an embroidered mesh with a scalloped edge, I started with the skirt portion of her dress...and therein laid my problem.

The darker fabric was purchased because it had the scalloped pink border. That would give the two dresses, two separate looks, from the same pattern. As I laid out the skirt pattern pieces, I realized that the embroidered mesh was only 45" wide and that my pattern pieces wouldn't fit.

Y'all this threw me into a true tizzy. It didn't help that it occurred in the middle of the night. I melted down...truly.  The fact that I have a dress made and that Aleena loves it is more a tribute to my daughter and Aleena than me! *LOL*

Anyway after they came by and we did a fitting with a bad hooped petticoat, I got back on track.

Let's start with the supply list ~
3 yards pink silk shantung from Chic Fabrics
3 yards of blk/pink/turquoise embroidered mesh from Chic Fabrics
1 12" pink zipper
1/2 yard white bemberg lining from the collection
1 yard of pink piping from the collection
7 yards lt. pink bias binding

Construction Changes ~
- I ended up piping Aleena's bodice with the same pink piping I used on Sammy's.
- Again the mesh was carefully chosen and placed on the front and back bodice before they were sewn together.

- Then I played around with the sleeve. My first choice was sleeves made from just the embroidered mesh.

- Then I added the pink shantung under the mesh and sewed it into the bodice for the try-on

- I had the two pieces finished and I stopped there for the night before the task of adding the bias binding to the hemline of the mesh.

It wasn't my intent to have the hemlines finished the same on both dresses. My original intent was to use the scalloped edge for the hemline. The fabric was just not wide enough to manipulate. I'm glad that I finished the hemlines the same though. It made both dresses look similar but not exactly the same and both dresses reflected the girls personality.

A few pictures of Aleena in the dress ~

I was thrilled when I finished both of these in plenty of time. The girls were thrilled with the dresses and so was I. This is the last post of the event dresses. I hope I've shared enough information about the dresses construction in case anyone else is interested in using the pattern.

As I said previously, I have a backlog of garments that will be shared in upcoming blog posts. Also, I'm headed to the Five Day Sew Camp at Carriage Corner B&B next week, so there will be much fabric shopping, laughing, talking and sewing with friends.

One Final Picture of the Girls ~

...as always more later!


  1. Absolutely lovely! The girls must be thrilled 🌸🌺

  2. No wonder the girls are smiling, these dresses are amazing!

  3. Yet another heirloom dress showing your love of a beautiful granddaughter! Carolyn, I hope you realize how much reading your blog means to me. Sewing can be so solitary so reading your blog helps connect me with the sewing community. I truly hope you can continue for years to come. Thank you!!! Karen

  4. So. So. So adorable!!! Beautiful babies, beautiful sewing...They look ecstatic too!

  5. What a beautiful dress! Of course your granddaughter is thrilled--she is lovely in the dress. The two girls are lucky to have such a talented grandmother. They look so happy in these special dresses.

  6. I am speechless. Amazing what you did. The smiles on girls' faces reflect how amazing the dresses both are.
    Thanks for keeping us posted. And for your hard work in keeping me motivated

  7. Even though I know the dresses are the same, the different overlays make them both look unique. Your granddaughters are beautiful, and I'm sure they felt like princesses.

    And I can't wait to see you at Sew Camp next week! Fabric Disneyland, here we come!

    1. I know right! I'm excited to see everyone, to sew, to shop and I'm headed to the quilt fabric store and the candy store for sure this time because it will be warm enough to walk!

  8. These dresses are just fabulous...and the smiles on the girls' faces say it all. You made princess dress dreams come true!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous dresses! Your granddaughters look fabulous. Random thoughts; I wondered which wonderful self sewn outfit you wore to the event. And as I am working with a mesh fabric right now and it is catching on every rough patch on my hands and nails, I am so impressed that you worked with this fabric on two dresses. Have fun at your retreat.

  10. Beautiful.

  11. Sorry you had a near meltdown making this, but the finished dress turned out perfect and you must be really proud and happy now!

  12. Great job, Grandma....and you can tell your granddaughters LOVE their custom dresses!!

  13. I'm glad you were able to use the scallops on the sleeve hems and that Aleena loved her dress. The girls really did look like little princesses. Great job Grandma. g


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