Wednesday, June 19, 2019

A Pair of Border Print Wide Legged Pants

I've been seeing wide legged border print pants on line at some of the RTW sites I visit...and I lodged the look in the back of my mind. When I received this rayon border print from StyleMaker Fabrics, bought with no garment in mind just because it was pretty, these pants came to mind when I unpacked the fabric.

I made a pair of wide legged pants in 2017 using my TNT pants pattern.  At the time to get the wider legs I wanted I added the extra width by free handing it.  This time I decided I wanted to be more specific about adding the space so I used the pants legs from Simplicity 8389.  

After laying the two pieces together I realized that they would not give me the extra room I wanted so I ended up adding more to the sides by free handing anyway.

Those were the only changes I made to my TNT pattern construction. I know there are several patterns for sale now that you can purchase to make wide legged pants. I'm just hard pressed to refit a new pattern when I know mine works with a few changes.

A few pictures ~

Wearing this with my black Concord t-shirt which I wore with
my first pair of wide legged pants I made 

I plan to add a couple more pairs of wide leg pants to my wardrobe this summer. Because I want easy to wear, comfortable, looks that are age appropriate and simple to throw on in the mornings.

I'm headed to Sew Camp tomorrow so my next posts will be about Sew Camp and traveling to my fabric Disney World - FABRIC MART! I.Can't.Wait!!! always more later!


  1. Always so interesting to see the difference fabric makes - my reaction to the inspiration picture was they looked like pj's and weren't something I'd wear (at least outside the house) but I love the pair you made. Those I'd live in!

  2. I honestly think loose ultra light pants are the coolest thing to wear in the hot summer. I have a pair from 2003 that I took to the Israeli desert with me last month! Best thing in the suitcase, hands down. Your cool summer pants look fabulous!

  3. wow -love those! I have a border print that you have inspired me to make some wide leg pants!

  4. Gorgeous fabric and perfect for the wide leg pants! Enjoy Sew Camp!

  5. Love them! Excellent fabric and quality fit.

  6. Another great look! Love the styling and the fabric.

  7. Love your style! Keep sewing & posting. Love your blog!!

  8. Those fabrics are a very sophisticated choice!

  9. They definitely have a wow factor and suit you so much. I have a 60" hip and have difficulty finding Patterns to fit. However I have made it my mission to persevere with adapting a simplicity wide legged pattern and after several toiles and lots of fittings I have finally completed a well fitting pair and I'm now ready to purchase my fabric to make two pairs! You inspire me with your beautiful clothes and blogs, thank you so much

  10. I saw these in person and they were amazing! You know I covet wide legged pants in my closet. I love how you take RTW inspiration and bring it to life. g

  11. These pants are fantastic. Great fabric choice and great free handing. You did an awesome job.

  12. Very nice and considering that the weather is finally hot, very appropriate. You always buy the best border prints. I look at them and always pass them up. I am going to be making a wide leg pant too. Probably in a light weight seersucker stripe. I am going to combine my tnt crotch and the legs of Hot Patterns new pants pattern. Considering my tnt pattern started life as Hot Patterns Razer I shouldn't have too much trouble!


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