Monday, June 28, 2021

A Borderprint Tunic

I've worn my first Vogue 9299 so much at least once a week! I love that tunic.  It's appropriate to wear to the office and it works for at home zoom meetings too. So as with all good patterns, I've decided I need to make it a few more times.

The Fabric's Backstory ~

The fabric for this make is 9 years old. It was purchased in February 2012 and documented here. I use to buy a lot from Sawyer Brook but not so much anymore.  This is deep stash fabric and there is another story associated with it.

Do you remember when my sewing cave flooded in June 2013? Well this fabric was laying in the bottom of a box on the floor. It and the other two pieces in the box were totally soaked. I quickly took them upstairs and put them in the washer & dryer. The piece made it back into the collection where it resided until I climbed the stairs to my Resource Center and plucked it from it's resting place to use for this garment.

Sewing Supplies ~

Pattern:  Vogue 9299

3 yards of 60" wide border print linen from Sawyer Brook Fabrics - deep stash

9 - 7/8" tan buttons from deep in the button collection

9" of 3/4" elastic for each sleeve hem

Interfacing from Steinlauf and Stoller for collar and button fronts

Construction Techniques ~

What makes this version different from the first one is that I used a border print to highlight the fabric's uniqueness. So it was all about how I cut the pattern pieces out to showcase the border print.  Now y'all know that's the thrill of using a border print, "how can I use it to set off the garment's properties?"

Cutting the front pattern pieces so that it ran down the front of the garment...

Then cutting the collar and undercollar out of pieces of the border

As well as making the sleeve hems highlight the border...going with my rule of three for a border print to really feature this pretty print.

I also changed the back pleat to gathers between the back yoke and bottom pieces. I wanted a slightly different look for this one.

Last thing I added one of my really old labels to the inside yoke because it matched the fabric so well.

A Few Pictures ~


Conclusion ~

I love this pattern and will probably make more!  We took these pictures in 95F degree weather and this top was perfect. I didn't feel as if I was overheating or needed to change clothes. I'm sure it will be in my permanent rotation this summer.

This was the last piece in my cut pile so over the Independence Day weekend I will be cutting out summer dresses to sew. I'm using "new" to me patterns. Patterns I've purchased over the years and not sewn, will be getting their turn in the sun to shine.

Parting Shot ~

I added some things to the Sewing Room and finally feel like it's done!  

Now to make the last few changes to the Resource Center and live in these rooms instead of continuing to update/change them. always more later!


  1. I am always in awe of how you use fabric in your garments and this tunic is a fine example. It’s lovely to see your new spaces and how you use them. Thank you for another informative post. I too am trying some new patterns and finally made a gather sleeve T-shirt. I love how it looks on me and am going to branch out to trying some more sleeves. Ka kite arohanui from New Zealand

  2. Great tunic. The fabric looks amazing. As always you have inspired me to make this pattern. Love the clothes you make.

  3. Whenever I see you've written a new blog post, I can't wait to see what you've made and read how you've made it! Thanks for teaching me from afar :)

  4. Absolutely beautiful! I love how you’ve used the border print. I recently purchased a border print and have been looking for the best way to use it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. This is an absolute Winner! A good fabric never dates, and you have made such a beautiful statement with the border prints. Looks like it is hot over there (while we have our short sharp Winter), and linen is my best bet in the heat too. You will enjoy this one all Summer long.

  6. Beautifully sewn. Love the look of the buttonhole. And you matched the center front motif perfectly. Great job. Looks great on you.

  7. I'm learning a lot about using border prints from you, Carolyn! I'd always thought they were just for skirts. Now, I'm see differently. :-)

  8. I love the tunic! I live about 15 miles from Sawyer Brook and really miss the open hours they used to have. I have purchased some extrodinary pieces there as well. I am looking for a grat border print to use with your method of placing the ends. Rule of three? Down the front and on the sleeves and???
    Your room looks so inviting and complete. Lucky you to have such inspirational space to work in.
    Be well, Shalom

    1. Peg,

      The third place is the collar and undercollar. Both cut from the borderprint.

  9. Your border prints are so inspirational. But my favorite part is the "I used an 'I have been doing this so ling that I have" an old label.
    It is so great to see someone who has been sewing for so long and uses TNT and makes us all feel sewing is accessible

  10. This tunic is beautiful, thank you for continuing to share your talent!

  11. I love what you did with this fabric. I never knew how to use a border print until I started following you. I can't believe it was really 95 when you posed for the pics, you look comfortable and happy.

  12. Thank you for posting your make; you are such an inspiration for border print garments. Love the smile on your face in the photos - you look so happy and comfortable in spite of the heat. Thanks again!

  13. Nice tunic. I like the color of your fabric you used. I need to make a dark grey or black skirt with a pattern I bought years ago. Its been really hot in Oregon Sat-Mon. 113 degrees Monday and cooled down quick with the wind switching direction. Stay cool..more ways than one😍

  14. This tunic is a Bobby dazzler! What a great geometric print, subtle colors, perfect for summer. Professional and casual, works both ways. Perfect button choice as well. It always makes my day to read a new post from you.

  15. You look really good it that top. It's really pretty : )

  16. Everything about your tunic is so bright, floaty and cool looking, as in beating the high heat we're having! Your mastery of border prints really shines with this amazing fabric. Love your sewing room, too. It is so well lit and inviting. Enjoy!!!

    1. Thanks Bunny! The Sewing Room is finally starting to feel like home...a place to dream and sew. As for border prints, they just call my name!

  17. I love your tunic, and your sewing room looks so inviting!

  18. So...I take the family to the beach for a week, spend another week catching up on real life, and you've added 2 posts for me to read! Your tunic is great, and I love this version of it. Actually, though, I was happy to see that you became frustrated with your blue one, because sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who becomes frustrated and stops on something! I'm looking forward to seeing what wonderful creations come out of your beautiful new sewing room this holiday weekend!


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