Friday, April 06, 2007

My Fabric Collection

I went into my fabric closet this morning to look for a piece of fabric. I wanted to see how it would work with my completed SWAP pieces. But as I stood in the closet, I flashed back to a conversation that is taking place on Artisans Square/Stitchers Guild. Well, actually it is two conversations...

The first one is called A Legacy where "Karent" talks about her aunt's death and the sewing stash she left behind and how much it means to her to have inherited it. And the second one is called, Sewingroom video from YouTube. Both conversations end up discussing how sewers need to stash fabrics & notions and what happens to them once you have passed on. I am borrowing the last line of Karen's post from the YouTube folder, "My biggest regret is not that my aunt left so much stash behind, my regret is that I have not taken the time to enjoy mine as much as she did hers. That, however, is changing from this point forward!"

That sentiment really hit me this morning as I stood in my fabric closet...see it is filled with absolutely amazing fabrics. I have wonderful rayon knits in black & white prints, and colorful prints, like many that you would see on Gorgeous Things Fabrics site or Emmaonesock's site. I purchased these last season or before because they appealed to me and not because they were in fashion. I have linens in an array of colors because I like linen and color looks good on me. There are shelves and shelves of beautiful fabrics of all kinds, for every season arranged by color so it is like a kid walking into a candy store and wondering where to start eating.

And I sighed...a sigh of relief...a sigh of appreciation...a sigh of creative freedom because my fabric collection is within reach. Because at any moment I can open that door and realize my creative hopes and dreams and because it makes me happy. So today I am taking a page out of Karen's book and enjoying the wonderful fabric collection that I have assembled, just because it is there and just because it makes me happy.

You can see pictures of my joy here and here....


  1. My sentiments exactly! And i f I die tomorrow I know that my friends will have a great time going through all of my sewing stuff and telling stories!

  2. And that, my dear, is why we stash! I admire those who can keep their stashes to an absolute minimum. I can't. It's just not part of my zeitgeist.

  3. Exactly! The stash is such a source of joy and inspiration.

  4. Great post, Carolyn. My biological mother (who I met when I was 26) had a huge stash - filled a small single car garage in fact. I think she mentioned once having a store, but I can't swear to that. Anyway, when she passed on her youngest daughter (my half sister) got rid of almost all of it. I would have given anything to fly out there and box it up and ship it to my house. Not only because it's fabric, for fabric collecting sake, but because it would have given me such insight into my mother's dreams and passions and creativity, and who I am learning daily, is much like me. I wonder if we would have chosen the same fabrics. This also makes me curious as to how my daughters see my love for fabric. I'll have to ask them.

  5. I love collecting fabric. There is a special feel to be able to go thru the stash and pull out a fabric that turns into an one of a kind garment. I don't want to see myself coming and going. Having a stash means that I am never bored and I can sew whenever the mood strikes.


  6. I am one of a rare breed -- a sewer without a stash. I don't know why. Instead, I have a "queue" -- fabric with an assigned pattern and notions for my next projects. I usually have 3 or 4 projects in my queue. We all have different ways of doing essentially the same thing -- making great clothes!

  7. I read your post and thought, I really must get into my sewing room and fondle my stash more often.


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