Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sewing room update, fabrics and more...

I have had absolutely no desire to sew lately...and I'm not upset about it.  I think I'm in that no man's land between summer and early fall sewing.  I've made quite a few summer garments and I'm not feeling the pressure to finish much more especially since my list is always greater than my ability to sew...

The new September magazines are on the newsstands...that means that they will soon be dropping into my mailbox or onto my iPad.  As my subscriptions are starting to expire I've been switching them to my iPad which I find I'm actually liking alot even tho' I was worried that I wouldn't.  Even though I now get Bazaar magazine on my iPad, I still bought a printed version from the newsstand because I have to be able to pull inspiration pictures from the magazine! *LOL*  I also lugged home the 10lb September Issue of Vogue.

I think the other reason that I'm not thinking sewing is because my daughter is moving out next week and I'm back to finalizing decisions for my sewing room.  I read this article that says that as much storage as you think you need, you should double it.  Why?  Because people plan storage for what they already own with a little extra instead of adding alot of space to allow for growth.  I know this to be true because I've maxed out the magazine/bookshelf storage in my living room because I planned for what I had with a little more.  Don't wanna make that mistake with the sewing room.

So...we've picked different furniture...with a lot of drawer and shelf space.  I've incorporated some more stand alone shelves for the wall so that boxes can be added to them for even more storage.  Yeah, we've gone storage crazy!  We had a budget...not an overly expensive one...moderate...I mean I do live in an apartment and the furniture can't be built-ins...but then I saw this:

...and I want it!  Bad!  Now there was no pressing station in my original room design.  I was just going to use my current ironing board until I saw Renee's. (yes, I've been haunting people's blogs and the internet looking at sewing rooms trying to make sure that I've got EVERYTHING I want in mine!)  Now my friend and I are fighting over this.  Not because I don't have the space...not because it doesn't add additional storage to the room...but because I want to buy mine from Nancy's Notions instead of making it and it's blowing the budget up! Seriously, you can tell my designer is my friend because who else fights with their designer to spend more money! *LOL*  Usually you're reigning them in...*sigh*  Long story short...I don't know if this will make the final cut...

ETA:  It is important to note here that I don't want to MAKE my own pressing station!  I'm not a DIYer kinda girl nor do I have the time!  Even all of the furniture purchased for the room was picked because it comes already constructed.

With all this budget talk, you would think that I've stopped fabric shopping right?  Well you would be wrong! Between the stress of my daughter moving out, challenges at my job and not sewing...I've bought a few extra pieces of fabric.  Hey, another reason for more storage! *LOL*  But this time it's Rachel's fault...she showed these Van Gogh Rayon Challis'  prints from on her blog and I had to have some.  Yeah, yeah I know but they feed me at work so I can cut down on my food bill for a couple of weeks!  They arrived last night and they are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!

Lastly, you know I don't facebook...but when a sewing friend asks for a favor I'm there for her!  So Lori who authors the blog, Girls in the Garden, and the podcast Sew Forth Now, has started a facebook page for the podcast.  Would all of you who have enjoyed her podcasts please "like" her!  And if you haven't heard one of Lori's podcasts, shame on you!  Get yourself over to iTunes or her blog and download one.  They are fun and informative...and tho' I'm not a podcast kinda girl...I really enjoy Lori's.

Okay, I've caught up!  I think I might sew this weekend but who knows I may end up reading another novel and vegging... always, more later!


  1. I am in a sewing lull too. Between recent travel and my kid returning from an extended vacation - not to mention that I've been sewing fairly constantly for almost 2 years - I'm kind of tired. Of course, I have ideas in the back of my mind, I just have no interest in investing the effort for a couple more weeks.

  2. Carolyn,

    Your pressing station table reminds me of the 'Stanton' carts with drawers at Home Decorators. A couple of those (add in a promo code from the interwebs) and a melamine countertop from Ikea (or HD or Lowes), and you've got yourself a pressing station. Not sure if it works out to be cheaper for you, but another option anyway.

  3. That pressing station is a beauty. I haven't sewn a garment for me since my last b5606 and feeling the several dresses I made should hold me for another week. On another note my sewing machine has been purring as I finish baby projects.

  4. Rachel's post got me too! I bought two of those, a groupon for mood so I can get that stripe investment, and I'm drooling over that knit at Emma one sock!

  5. I have been working on a jacket all week, should of taken me one day but I feel the lull, too. Today, I made cards all afternoon, nice change of pace. Tomorrow back to sewing. Can't wait to see all your inspiration and your sewing room. Thinking of you as your daughter moves out and thanks for the shout-out, I so appreciate it.

  6. Niiiiice! How exciting to plan a perfect sewing space! And nice fabrics you are collecting. :)

  7. Ms. C!
    I just about died when I read "they feed me at work..."
    Lmao! That right there is a TRUE sewing fanatic. Fabric over food

  8. Hi Carolyn,
    I have an idea how you can achieve a similar look to the Nancy's Notions pressing station - but for less than $250 (theirs costs $799.99). I've sent a lengthy email to Elizabeth (of SEWN blog) and asked her to forward it to you - as I don't of course have your email address.

    Best wishes,
    Claire :)

  9. I've missed you and meant to drop you a line too make sure everything was alright. I haven't sewn in over a week and I think it's because of the changing of the season too. I might make a couple more summer garments and then I'm all done. Gotta plan for fall.

  10. hmmm, I think this is the first good reason I've heard for owning an iPad. That would be very cool to read/see magazines on a screen that size. My iphone drives me nuts because it's too small to see easily.

    Love that pressing table!

  11. I know what you mean....I'm have one more summer dress to finish (waiting for new sewing machine) my mind has been on Fall/Winter sewing. My inspiration for my pressing station came from Nancy's Notion. My cost was @$135.00. I'd say make sure the pressing station makes the cut. I love having a pressing station. Just being able to store everything you need at the pressing board is awesome. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. Speaking for myself, I enjoy reading about sewing rooms as much as about sewing projects. I look forward to seeing the new room. Myself, I'd go with a DIY ironing station and spend the difference in some great fabric or supplies.

  13. That challis is beautiful.... but I won't I won't I won't. That ironing station is such a good idea! I wish I could fit one on my sewing room.

  14. What great inspiration on the sewing rooms. I've got a small bedroom for a crafts room, but I'm an avid knitter & my knitting books & yarn bins take up more than half of the space in that room. I've got to make a power play for a bigger bedroom & move my son into a closet or something!

  15. My poor baby, er, toddler niece has been waiting weeks now for her summer dress because I just can't seem to sit down to sew. Thank goodness she lives out in the desert and it will still be hot there for a couple more months. Maybe the lull is contagious!

  16. You have me sitting on the edge of my chair with all this talk of a new sewing room. I really can't wait to see the final results! That pressing station sounds like such a wonderful idea!
    Just wanted to answer your question as to why I don't use a dress form to photograph - simple answer - my clothes don't fit a standard dress form. Wish it weren't so, because then things would be so much easier.

  17. I am so cracking up with laughter over this written post! You're lingo is immpeccable! What an up-lift!
    As I sat down here to open the lap-top I was a bit drained due to some DIY painting of a room.....and then wow! reading what you wrote... for me was like sipping on an ice cold glass of diet Mountain Dew! Refreshing I tell you!!!
    Ok! I'm fueled up to go and explore my passion of sewing.....taking in a dress I just got recently!!

    Thanks for all the inspiration!!!
    Take care...and wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend!!!

  18. I love the giant ironing board. And I have one. But mine is an old buffet with 3 giant drawers, and a sheet of 1/4" plywood upholstered into an ironing board. If I were to do it again, I would spring for 3/8" plywood. And it was an already cut piece from Ace Hardware, 24" x 48".

    You will love being able to press your fabric on it without the whole triangle thingy of the regular ironing board.

  19. Obviously, several of us are in a sewing lull. I think it maybe seasonal. I was interested to read about your iPad and magazine subscriptions. I have toyed with that idea. I read so many books on my iPad and I have dabbled with one magazine. Yet for some reason I want to flip those magazine pages. May have to try it again though. Enjoy your weekend whatever you do.

  20. Me too! I decided to clean and organize instead. I'm going on vacation in a bit and am taking my machines in for service while I'm gone.

  21. I just scanned through the comments, so hopefully no one else posted this...

    Have you checked out Pinterest? It's an online inspiration board where you can "pin" and organize images that inspire from the internet. I don't know if it would work on your iPad with your magazine subscriptions.

    I do know that actually holding a torn paper from a magazine doesn't really compare to an image on a screen...

  22. Caroline, I have some unsolicited advice regarding your sewing room budget. I recently remodeled a room into my dream sewing space, and blew my budget (on storage). Let me tell you that the joy of working in a well-designed space far outweighs the momentary pinch of a budget-buster. You'll LOVE working with your things if you choose what you truly want.


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