Monday, May 28, 2007

The Adventures of the Fiber Fanatic - Day One

Once upon a time in a small suburban city of New Jersey, there lived a fiber fanatic who loved to sew. She surfed the internet constantly talking to other sewing friends and visiting fantastic fiber spots. She even shopped for lucious fabrics from the internet and knew the UPS man intimately because he delivered all of her treasures to her.

One week when she was off to enjoy the pleasure of sewing with no interruptions she began her sewing adventures with a beautiful paisley cotton that she had just received in the mail. The cotton sang beautiful songs to her and enticed her into believing that it would become the most beautifulest dress in her wardrobe.

So the fiber fanatic took the time to draft a new dress front onto a TNT dress pattern, all the time listening to the sweet song of the fabric. Then she cut the fabric out so thrilled because not only did she make the pattern alterations work (not one of her strong suits) but also because she could actually "see" the new dress. The fabric's song was that strong but then disaster struck...

As she lovingly laid the cut out fabric pieces on her sewing table, the fiber fanatic realized that horrors of horrors, the top back piece was missing. As she gazed at the scraps - just teeny, tiny scraps of fabric remaining in the garbage can, her heart sank. The beautiful dress had no back! Now why when the fabric was singing did it not share this with her? And why when it sang so lovingly of how beautiful she would look, did it not remind her? Or why as she dug through her notions drawer and found the perfect white piping buried at the bottom of said drawer, did the song not warn her of the heartbreak to come?

At the realization of her mistake, she sank to the floor in despair...What to do? What to do? And then the thought of 8 more days of sewing and the possibilities of more mistakes and doomed outfits caused her to sob...what a way to begin a sewing vacation! The fiber fanatic had dreamed of this sewing vacation for weeks. It had kept her calm through some dicey situations at work. She had dreamed about it as she sat in traffic coming home after a long, hard day and was this how it was to begin? And more horrors, was this how it would continue? Everything she attempted to make 'causing her heartbreak!? Her world seemed bleak indeed.

And then in the background, she heard that darn fabric's song again! Can you believe it still had the nerve to sing? But it quietly helped her stand up and make her way to her trusty computer. It had her type a quick note to the owner of the internet fabric store and order more fabric. Now another 1/2 yard of fabric is winging its way to the fiber fanatic.

Will the day be saved? Will the fiber fanatic make a wearable dress? Or will the fiber fanatic be disappointed yet again? Stay tuned for more adventures of the fiber fanatic's sewing vacation!


  1. Oh no! Glad you were able to recover from this devastating event.

  2. Oh Fiber Fanatic! What a tragic story. I hope it ends well :) g

  3. Your reward for not aging this piece of fabric: it's still available. Now - on to the next project. Chin up, held held high, gaze clear and strong, glass of Mountain Dew by your side. You can DO this!

  4. Ok. Warning is needed for stories as sad and funny as this! I'm thrilled they still have some and I can't wait to see how it all comes out. Whew!

  5. Carolyn,
    What a magnificent writer you are! I was on the floor in hysterical misery myself. No wonder a post didn't appear on Sunday (I was dying to see the result of day one, but apparently you were almost dying FROM the results). I am SO glad you are able to get more. I hope in the meantime you can turn toward another dress and fabric while you wait for the vital half-yard. Sewing isn't about disappointment -- it's about recovering creatively from surprises! You are such a wonderful teacher to us all --
    Meg in NC

  6. This dress' singing means that she wants to be DIVA.. her song goes like this: start with me, then Ha...move on and work on all in between, so that at the end you may complete the week with Moi.

  7. OMG, *relief* I'm so glad you managed to get more fabric... I think I would suffer a stroke if I was in your shoes...

  8. Carolyn, you had me in at the beggining - another talent!

  9. Now maybe this fabric was singing so loudly that you could not hear all the other beautiful songs playing at the same time. Put that half done dress in a time out chair in another room and listen to the other songs. Then when it has time to think about what it has done, it can come back into the room to play. In the meantime you will have pumped out another two dresses by then. Good luck, can't wait until tomorrow's story.

  10. It's good you were able to order more of your fabric. Last week, I had a very similar experience - I needed to return to Philadelphia and buy more fabric because I didn't have enough. When you get to end of your sewing vacation, you'll look back and see how much you were able to do - in spite of the little bump in the beginning - and you'll be so happy! Enjoy the rest of the week.

  11. You write so well! I could feel your depair. I am so glad they had more fabric. Now you can set this one aside and begin another fabulous creation.

  12. Victory is on the horizon! i cannot wait to see this songbird!


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