Friday, May 11, 2007

Check these ladies out!

I love blogs ~ especially sewing blogs. And on Saturday mornings I visit a lot of them but during the week, I normally only hit up the ones on my sidebar. I visit these blogs daily or twice weekly or thrice weekly (okay I am just being silly here! *smile*) because the work of these women inspire me. I also have a policy to only include the blogs of people that I really want to encourage you to visit - not all of them are sewing, some are knitting or crocheting but the work that these women produce is awe-inspiring to me.

Today I added several new blogs to my sidebar and I wanted to give a shout out to the owners of the blogs and to publicly thank you for adding another layer of inspiration to my creative self! Oh and this listing is done alphabetically...just so y'know!

Couture et Tricot
This is Tany's blog ~ many of you might know her from Patternreview. I, however, found her blog from Ann's (
Gorgeous Things) blog. What I like about Tany is that this girl can sew! I mean couture Burda outfits that she takes her time on (hey that is a big thing to me who tries to sew like the wind!) and uses awesome sewing techniques. I always feel like I have learned something really important after I've visited her blog! And the coolest thing is that it's in English and Spanish...I feel so worldly when I leave a comment amongst her Spanish speaking friends! *smile* But seriously if you haven't checked her blog out it is a must read!

Fiber Arts Afloat
My girl Marji is the Chanel jacket queen or at least that's the way I think of her. I started reading Marji's blog during the Timmel SWAP which she participated in also. And then Marji and I started talking off-line and it is just fascinating to "chat" with someone who loves fabric and color as much as I do. But I decided that I had lost the Timmel SWAP after I saw Marji's Chanel jacket ~ 60 hours of work for a jacket for a SWAP! It was amazing! And it had all of the real Chanel construction techniques. *shaking head* now you know this woman likes to sew to spend that much time on a jacket! But here's the thing, the girl can knit too! Amazing...I am sure most of you have been there but go again. Her blog is a keeper.

Miss Cellie's Pants
First, I just love the name of Cidell's blog! You have to be a true "Color Purple" fan to name your blog after Cellie's shop! So already I am digging her blog but what makes me return again and again is her enthusiasm. I know Cidell isn't a really young girl but I think of her as one of "The Younguns" one of the next generation who is finding joy in sewing and sharing it with others. I love her fabric and pattern choices and I cheer everytime she models something new that she has created! Cidell I will be right here watching you as you grow and develop your art!

sewl sista #1
stay on the seam (get on up), like a sewing machine! - I hear James Brown everytime I read it! - is the tag beneath her blog's name. Another member of "The Younguns" whose work makes me smile when I read her blog. I can see where I've been through her work and hopefully I inspire her to see where she can go! The joy and enthusiasm that emanates from her posts makes me visit at least twice a week and I always leave with a smile! Thanks for adding flavor to my day!

Sheilaz Crochets
I honestly don't remember how I found Sheila's blog - probably chasing links one Saturday afternoon when I was spending way too much time on the internet - but boy am I glad I found her blog! Sheila crochets. Sheila crochets anything and everything. I can crochet but not like Sheila! Let's see I have seen a bikini, a vest, this kewl jacket...all from a crochet hook. I know that Sheila sews sometimes but the reason I am drawn repeatedly to her blog is that she makes the most amazing garments with some yarn and a crochet hook. Crocheting just ain't granny squares and Sheila proves it!

These are my latest blog obsessions and if you haven't already visited their spots, please surf by and check them out. They are all producing amazing works of art and inspiring others to create ~ two wonderful traits that I have no problems celebrating!

And a few shout-outs to some old favorites...
Shannon (Hungry Zombie Couture) I know you're sewing...c'mon share something with us already! I am going through withdrawal...c'mon baby hit me up with something, anything, even a picture of your new sewing machine in action...I need a fix!

EricaB (EricaB's DIY Style) - I am so proud of you sewing your first SWAP. I can't wait to see what finally emerges from your sewing area! I can only hope & dream that maybe somehow I inspired you to try this!

Liana - the Marfy Queen (Sew Intriguing) - okay this is insider information so you will just have to flow with me here - I can't wait to see if you pull off that Burda skirt! Coming to her blog in the near future...

And Barbara (The Furry Mind Musings at Cat Fur Studio) loves the new suit take...boy does that have my mind how to make that look work for a "fat girl!" Oh and I am seeing Kashi next Tuesday with an old/new friend! I will try not to come home with as large a haul as before...okay who am I kidding! Let's just hope I can get it all home! *LOL*

Maybe I'll sew tomorrow...or maybe I will spend my morning with a big glass of Mountain Dew (the drink of sewing champions!) touring the sewing blogland. Maybe I will see you there! *smile*


  1. Hi Carolyn, thanks for the new blog links! I love sharing everyone's worlds this way. Mwah!

  2. Great post Carolyn! I read most of those already but I didn't know about sewl sista #1 - love the tag line. I too read blogs from many, many creative and talented people as I get so much inspiration from all of them.

  3. Thanks for all the new blog links. Just want you to know that your blog is one of my favorites.

  4. Carolyn!! Thanks for the shout out. Your blog was one of the first I found and was inspired by. I'm looking forward to your 'sewing vacation'.

  5. Carolyn, thanks for the shout out! I feel deeply honored and flattered! I read you blog for quite some time (since 2006, I believe) seeking for knowledge and inspiration. You are a true passionate for sewing and I love your work!
    Hugs from Portugal!

  6. Thank you for the new (to me) blogs links! Just reading all the creative things everyone is doing makes me feel good, and gets those sewing juices going.

  7. i just found ms. cellie's pants last week, and really enjoy it. such cute stuff.

    mountain dew is the beverage of sewing champions? ooh, i dunno if i can do that.....i'd be shaking too much to sew, from the caffeine!

  8. Hi, I've been "lurking" at your wonderful blog for sometime and REALLY enjoying seeing all of your beautiful projects. Just wanted to send you a big hug & thanks for the great blog links...there were several that I've never seen. So inspiring!

  9. Thanks for the shoutout! I think I already read everybody you listed!

  10. Thanks for the mention, Carolyn! Now I just have to make that skirt work. :) I'm with you on the caffeine, but it's Diet Sunkist Lemonade, not Mountain Dew!

  11. Hi Carolyn... stopped by to see your latest venture and low and behold... There I am Glitterized & Sparkling... Thanks for the Shout-Out... and looking forward to checking out the new links.

  12. Me too! Wow, I feel like I'm in Great Company being mentioned here. I just stopped by to see what's up and what you got up to over the weekend, and lo and behold, here's a link to my humble abode - better go post something interesting :)
    So what is up with you girl?
    And thanks for some of the new blogs I need to go read. I've just come across Cidell recently, Love Tany to death (my she's good, but I think her blog is written in Portugese and English) and now I find there are some others I need to go visit. Can't wait to go see what Sheila is up to with the crochet.


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