Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Here...

My DD called me at work this afternoon to tell me that the camera was delivered! So as soon as the same DD who is now the computer tech uploads the new software and plays with the camera a bit, I will be back in business! Woohoo! I love QVC! Speaking of digital cameras - I am going to end up giving this one to her. I am asking for another Canon Powershot for Christmas. I just loved my camera and I am now thinking that having two in the house is better than one...sorta like the computer situation...when there is more than one and they break theirs ~ oh well! *LOL*

I also picked up the June issue of Lucky and I have to tell you inspiration abounds...I think I am going to spend a weekend printing some fabric with fabric paint. I have loads of textile paint that I have never done anything with and there was a picture of a skirt in this issue of Lucky that has a really kewl 3 layer print. Now you know I am not going to find that fabric this season. And since I am currently sewing on a back-up machine, which means I am barely sewing at all, a weekend of making a new piece of fabric sounds like a very kewl idea!

Has anyone ever done this? I want to make one layer of the print using a cut up painting roller or patterned roller...maybe a trip to Home Depot would help? I was thinking that the second layer could be block printed from stencils and the final row would be a small border print using a fabric pen and a stencil. I am working this out in my head and don't know how it will translate but I am definitely going to try it. And if it works then I will have a new piece of fabric ~ designed and made by me!

The other piece that really inspired me was a white Forth & Towne jacket with black embroidery on the hem of the jacket and the hem of the sleeves...now this can be easily replicated with a good piece of embroidered lace from Daytona Trimmings. I was going to skip over to the district later this week for some lining material so I will stop by DT and look at lace too!

So even though I haven't sewn anything lately...I have ideas perculating!


  1. I haven't done it, but that sounds so cool. A few years ago there was a Carolina Herrera wedding dress that had lily of the valleys painted on it and it made me wish I could draw more than stick figures. Can't wait to see what ou do with it!

  2. I am looking for a camera. I am going to see about that cannon camera.

  3. Try using the natural sponges that are used for sponge painting on walls. They clean easily and don't fall apart when they get soggy, like a paint roller does when you cut it up. Good luck! I can't wait to see this.


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