Saturday, May 05, 2007

On the hunt...

Well I have solved my digital camera issue...I bought a new Fuji one that the production guys I work with thought was a really good one for the value. I guess I should be thankful that its right before Mother's Day because all of these types of electronics are on sale. I bought the camera from QVC and it will be here next week. One problem solved now to solve the major and most pressing one.

My baby is in the shop, arrived there today but it will be at least 2 weeks before I can get her back! And, it was $140 for them just to take her in...never mind if she needs any parts or additional labor which I am sure that she will because her bobbin winder has been broken for over two years and the touch screen is a little wonky. All of this scares me because what if she needs a new computer board?

So I am on the hunt for a new machine. I have been longing for a Brother NX450:

but that was back in the days when I wanted it as a second machine. Now I want another Janome and the dealer in my area is a little unscrupulous. And I KNOW I don't want to deal with him!!! So I went to Sears website to look at machines and I actually like this one:

a Kenmore 19606 with 765 stitch functions which is manufactured by Janome. This looks so much like my baby which is probably what attracted me to it. Also, Sears is just 10 minutes from my apartment so it is convenient to go look at. I am also going to run over to Sew Fast, Sew Easy on 35th Street in NYC and see what they have. I really just want another Janome. I love my machine! I miss my machine and I am worried that it is going to be quite costly for it to come home...*sigh*


  1. I had a computerized machine and the motherboard went. They wanted more to fix it than I paid. I cried. Seriously cried. That's when I started on a vintage machine. I still think about a computerized one. My fingers are crossed for you.

  2. I hope that your machine arrives back home better then new, preferably for a reasonable cost. Your mention of Sew Fast Sew Easy sent me googling to learn more. Sounds like an interesting place , but *yikes*....a 5 hour class in making drawstring pants: $140. Wouldn't you have to make a ton of drawstring pants to recoup that? Suddenly the "consultation fee" for your machine is looking better. I do hope you get good news about her very soon. (It is a "her", isn't it?)

  3. I have a Kenmore and just love it to pieces!!

    It sews smoothly and quietly. The functions are "uncluttered". It stands up to frequent sewing and feels "solid" to me. Also, the price was very reasonable for the quality.

  4. Hey There,

    Sear's is one of my accounts at work, and they are having a sale tomorrow between 6-9 for their vendors, and their vendor friends. I can forward you a coupon if you think you're going to use it. on the other note, if you do go to Sew Fast Sew Easy, check Manny out.

    Let me know if you want me to email you that coupon via email. It's only good for tomorrow.


  5. This Kenmore might just be your baby with the name "Kenmore". I worked for Sears while in college. They often put the Kenmore name on another manufacturer's product, with the manufacturer's permission, of course)

  6. Kenmore: that's a brand I couldn't find anywhere here in Portugal...I would love to try a Kenmore!

  7. Necia,

    Thanks for your kind offer but I am not buying anything yet. I only had time to run my SM into the shop this Saturday but next Saturday I am going to return to the shop and check on the machines there. He primarily sells Vikings but he does have a huge used selection of all kinds so I might try some of those. Thanks again!

  8. I looked at the NX series once because it was being demoed in my fabric store. I didn't get to sew myself but liked what they did for the price. I like the NX600 I think it was most.
    BUT, I do not buy Japanese machines. Not because they are not good but because of their dumping sales tactics. They destroy the market for their competitors and then the only choice one is left with is to purchase their machines at their price and quality.
    Personally, I'd buy a used past TOL european brand. I am that prejudiced. Since you sew so much go for the best there is and that is european. They are not fazed by multiple thicknesses etc. and you get value for your money.

    Hope you are happy with your decision, whatever that may be.

  9. If you want a Janome that badly, tell me which one, and I'll have my dealer ship one to you! Either that or I'll give you the phone number for my dealer and you can make arrangements - next year, they'll be Janome dealers 40 years!

    Seriously, the Kenmore is probably your best bet - it seems you're most comfortable with it, and it is a Janome product!

  10. Did you buy one yet? I've read over on PR that everyone who has one of the Kenmore branded Janomes usually *loves* them. I'm catching up on your blog bottom up but think in skimming down I saw that you've got one coming already.

  11. I actually have the NX-450. I got it Sew Fast Sew Easy after taking a couple of classes. The machine is fantastic - it comes with features, is easy to use and the buttonhole is even nice.

    I paid less than $700. Ask for Greg. He seems very knowledgable and normally you can leave the same day because they stock the machines.


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