Saturday, May 19, 2007

Okay, I am trying not to complain here but...

Seriously, I am really trying not to complain but I am starting to wonder what I did to the sewing gods that I am being treated this way...

Complaint #1
I HATE, HATE, HATE the Fuji digital camera. Can I say it again...'cause I need to! I HATE this camera. What I loved about my Powershot was that I pointed and clicked and got great pictures. Ummmm that's about all the technology I want from a digital camera. Oh and the software loaded easily onto the computer and was quick and easy to use. Not so with this it is being boxed back up and sent back to QVC. I am walking across 57th Street on Monday to the Radio Shack and buying a Canon Powershot. I give.

Complaint #2
A new sewing machine - how hard is it to order a machine and have it show up on time? I have a confirmation number ~ why wasn't it at Sears! I mean really how can I get to Sears and there be no sewing machine!!!! I was trying really hard not to be the irate b*t&y customer but I almost lost it there. So short story, the machine is expected this Tuesday and I can pick it up after that but this leads to complaint #3

Complaint #3
I haven't sewn in weeks...okay my equilibrium is off. I am shouting at my children, kicking things and generally losing my mind. I need to be able to sew and the little receiving people at Sears didn't understand that fact! They were more concerned about someone's vacuum cleaner! Vacuum cleaner - you can buy one of those anywhere but back to this complaint. I am a creative person I need an outlet. After a trying week of dealing with people and circumstances, I need to be swallowed up by my creative side and it is just not happening! I am truly starting to wonder what is going to go wrong next!

This is why I haven't posted lately or described the wonderful trip that I had to Metro Textiles with Karla Kaiser (Karla from PR & Stitchers Guild)...or the amazing goodies that I got from Kashi (trying to photograph the fabrics is how I decided that I HATE the Fuji digital camera!)...amazing in the sense that I bought almost all black pieces. This from a person who LOVES color!

Hopefully the storm clouds will pass, I will get a new Canon, the new sewing machine will finally arrive in one piece and working then all will be right in my world again. Or at least we can only pray for that - otherwise I am going to implode!!!!


  1. Come on , Carolyn. Get over here -- Computer Hug! I have missed your posts. I hope you get your machine, get a camera you like and get back to sewing!!

    I bet it was fun spending time with Karla. I love her sense of humor.

  2. I can imagine your pain... if I couldn't crochet... everyone in my house would run for their Thanks for posting.

  3. Oh man, do I ever know what you mean! Even if I can't sew, I like to have the machines handy so I can fool around with them. I hope the machine arrives on time.

  4. Wow! That just all around sucks!! Maybe you could burn a UFO - like a sacrifice to appease the sewing gods! I hope everything resolves itself soon, at least for the sake of your children! :)

  5. Hang in there and breathe and breathe again Carolyn. I like McCalls 5429 gore skirt, it is among the new patterns.

  6. Three weeks without sewing? My family would be dead! LOL! OK, maybe note dead, but they would want to really hurt me by now! when you go camera shopping check out the Powershop A710. I just got mine from Costco and I adore it - truly point and shoot!

  7. Hang in there... it's almost over and you'll have a new baby! I know it can't compare to weeks but I've been so busy I haven't sewn in a couple of days and I can empathize with how you're feeling.

  8. I truly understand how you feel about not sewing. Sewing grounds you, makes you feel productive, creative, resourceful, etc.--just good about yourself. As for your camera problem, why do companies think they always have to improve things--all they do is make things more complicated. I guess Canon has already figured out that one thankfully.

  9. I bought my Canon from a store in NYC online...might have been Butterfly something? It was so long ago but great service and price. It might be worth it for you to do some shopping on line versus going to RS (not my favorite store!).
    Also, the sewing machine thing - sucks. I have had more problems with purchases of late - places never ship, places do not ship complete, shipment gets lost and shipment included a product that melted all over said shipment. (Yep they are FOUR seperate purchases...its such a pain to keep track!) So, my point - it is NOT YOU! Its the vendors - they seem to have forgotten they need us to REPEAT as customers for them to stay in business. Strange but true. If you are like me then you will avoid said vendor until you have no choice. I know of four I am avoiding...

  10. cyber hugs coming your way.
    I get it. We have a Canon Powershot and I love it. No thinking, great pics - it does a lot that i don't know about...and if I ever want to learn, great, but meantime it's easy and pics are always good.
    Is there some cutting and prep work and hand work you can do?
    Maybe it's time to pick up some knitting needles (ducking for cover).

  11. That is why I have two working machines, and yes I do use both although the Viking #1+ is set up for embroidery. I use the Kenmore 150 stitch all the time. From now on, your spare should be a machine you like to sew on.

    By the way, I am a Snapdragon too.


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