Sunday, November 04, 2007

Have you ever?

Have you ever wanted to sew something so bad that it paralyzes you? Have you ever had so many ideas, things floating around in your mind that needed releasing that you felt blocked? Have you ever set aside time to sew and then wasted it watching movies, running errands, reading a book, spending time with your kids, husband, family because you couldn't move that block? That's me right now.

More than anything I want to make some of my ideas reality. And more than anything I want to turn some of those amazing pieces of fabric into garments...but what have I done ~ nothing. I can't seem to get pass that first step. I opened a pattern and looked at it...a seemingly easy pattern something that I should be able to sew up in a minute. But after looking at the finished measurements on the pattern piece I realized that I would have to do some pattern alterations, so there went fast and easy.

I thought if I just finished up the last details on my CC Inspired Pants that the sewing would just flow...but it isn't...and I feel blocked...and now frustration is setting in. I only get two days a week to sew...two days to let some of the creative energy that has been pent up all week to be released...and here I sit on Sunday morning with nothing completed. Heck, completed, I would even settled for started...

So no questions this morning my inquiries for suggestions...just a lamenting cry..."Have you ever?!"


  1. Oh yeah, Carolyn. Everything you wrote is something I've experienced. I think all of us have blocks from time to time. This too will pass.

  2. Hi, Carolyn,

    Your "comments" aren't working on your blog.

    Just in case you think no one identifies :)

    I had all day yesterday to sew - I watched bad Lifetime movies, ate too many
    double-stuff Oreo's and sorted lipsticks (good stall!) and didn't sew a

    Not just you (maybe today!)

    Gail from GA


    I got this from Gail in my email and so I am adding it to the comments section. Thanks Gail for sharing!


  3. I can relate
    I find when I spend a ton of time on one project, once its done, I am anxious to do another but I'm so mentally strained from the other project that I just can't sew another stitch, so I fantasize about further projects, read my sewing books, and knit,, lol, yeap, I knit until the sewing bug bites me and I'm inspired to get going again
    I just think we all need some downtime so don't let it get to you, just relax come next week you will be modelling you new DO, lol

  4. Yes, that's me right now too. I haven't done anything really since August!

    I think it's my job dragging me down...I got a new job in August and I absolutely hate it! There's not enough to do there, and so sitting around trying to look busy is sucking the energy right out of me!

  5. I am there right now. I was SUPPOSE to spend the day sewing yesterday, BUT, I got caught up in house work and had to run an errand with the kids. However, I did spend about an hour sewing before I went to bed.

  6. I think it's going around!! I'm trying to finish my first BWOF blouse, it's taking forever. I put it down and I'm watching movies and knitting my sweater until I am ready to start again lol. Hope your mojo comes back soon!

  7. Absolutely. This weekend you were not alone in that pursuit (or lack there of). I have 6 days off and so far have done nothing! Yesterday was the perfect day for sewing but went shopping with DD2 instead. And today I have to go visit my mum in the country.

  8. yep. I spend most of my free time browsing fabric and patterns online & in Joann's then end up starting & rushing through about 2-3 projects at a time. But when I have *time off* i cant bring myself to sew. I think that is why I am kind of scared to take a sewing vacation.

  9. Yes, I think that sometimes I spend more time browsing fabrics and patterns and planning than I do sewing. When I finished my swap, and that was at the end of July, it was as if I couldn't get any energy to sew again. It passes, maybe not when you want it to, but it will. Sometimes we just need some down time and the ability not to feel guilty about it. Not every minute of our day has to be productive.

  10. I got this way after sewing costumes for 14 people (victorian clothing, including various petticoats) in two weeks. I didn't sew again for nearly a year--not good. But, it does pass. Sometimes you have to help it pass by sewing something simple--like many 'corn filled' heat/cold bags. Or T-shirts. Or something that it doesn't matter if it is perfect--just something fun.

  11. Sometimes we all have "brain freeze" and are paralyzed into putting off a project instead of diving in. It's usually times like this that I like to catch up on everyone's blog and read my sewing books. When I'm inspired again, I sew. Sometimes we just need a break to re-energize our creativity.

  12. Ohhhh my goodness...I so recognise the story...I have lots of 'could have', or 'should have' and often lots of 'maybes', lots plans and possibilities and my plan to sew a spring/summer work wardrobe is not going so well at present-whatever it is it seems a little wide spread at present-maybe its the change in season's...

  13. I deal with this, many projects singing their siren song, and so little time! What to do first???

    I let my machines in, 'Oh, black thread in the serger...I'll sew the black pants, the black jacket, the black skirt, and the roses-on-black print top'.

    Having something kinda objective to dictate the choice helps somehow.

    (says the lady who spent *her* available sewing time cleaning in the attic last week because she didn't want to deal with the second-in-a-row tote bag... LOL)

  14. Constantly. So many things to sew, so many kid activities to play taxi, so little time for me!!!!

  15. I can relate; sometimes I'm so flooded with new ideas that making a decisuion, taking the first step towards a concrete objetive seems incredibly difficult; but then I also have the opposite (and I belive you do too) when everything flows just like a charm and I'm in peace with the universe! I know you'll be there soon!


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