Sunday, November 25, 2007

Its Always Something

Well, I get the jacket finished and I make the buttonholes...I go to sew the buttons on starting at the bottom working my way to the top and what do I find...

broken shank on way to sew it onto the what am I suppose to do. I guess I can head back to M&J to buy another button...but I am just not feelin' that right now.

I have put three days into this jacket and I am ready to move I go scrambling around in my considerable button collection and I find these vintage buttons from my friend Joanna. I originally wanted to put them on the jacket but there was only two of them....

Now should I have a different top button? Yeah! 'Cause I am sooooo over this jacket! *LOL* But will the button fit through the buttonhole...a few anxious seconds there and yes! It fits through the button for now I have a different top button than the other buttons...

I can always get to M&J during the week to pick up TWO more buttons to replace the broken button! Now what have I learned from this little adventure:

1. ALWAYS buy more than enough buttons - no more scrimping!

2. That the buttons I thought were plastic were actually glass so every time I dropped them I was probably damaging them!

3. It's good to have a collection because there is always something in there that can pinch hit! *LOL*
4. No one really looks at the buttons that hard anyway, 'cause I bet none of you noticed the top button was different!


  1. That is a beautiful button! There's nothing wrong with one different button, especially at the top. Think of it as an additional piece of jewlery.

  2. I think your solution is perfect. And I will no longer be cheap about the extra button either. Last winter I made a coat with expensive glass buttons. I did not buy extra. Well, the bottom one fell off even though I had sewed it on with beeswax coated thread. It chipped. I either need to find 2 more buttons or replace them all. Live and learn.

  3. I guess thats why my mom always bought like 5 extra buttons. All the extras went into one of the many sugar cookie tins she filled up over time. But it also worked out if we lost a button on anoter garment. I can't tell you how many unique tops buttons I had on my clothing.

  4. This feels a little deja vu to me about the buttons. You though feel so comfortable with one different one, me NOT! I really love your version of this jacket. I need to write a review for PR of mine.

  5. Carole says...
    I often use ALL different buttons on my garments. Some are the same color, sometimes multicolored buttons make for just the right accent. Since I am the patchwork kid in the neighborhood and enjoy finding prints and geometrics that go together, it is like patchwork that I find intriguing.

    Dec. 3, 2007 9:05pm


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