Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sew Something Already

Alright, alright...enough with the throwback posts, the fabric acquisition posts, the pattern posts, I am gonna sew something okay! *LOL* It's just that the epicness of the last couple of pieces have been weighing me down and taking up my valuable sewing I have decided to take a page from Shannon and make some "easy to sew" stuff and then when I'm done, I'll return to the epicness of the "CC Inspired Wardrobe" pieces.

Today is November 1st and I will really only wear a dress or skirt outfit for about five more weeks...God how I hate standing out on the corner at 6:30 in the morning in the bitter cold with the wind blowing up my skirt! So since I have about five weeks before skirts and dresses get relegated to the back of my closet, I have decided that I have several dresses circling around my brain ~ actually they have my brain cells in a vise ~ and I need to get them out and onto my body.

I mean, I already own more than enough fabric...*stop laughing* and I know the dresses I want to make so I should just get to it! In no particular order here is my plan:

The first dress is from Tory Burch and is inspiring me to make something like it...I am finding that I have a real thing for her dresses. I like the clean styling and lines of her dresses and they work well in my corporate environment. I am going to use a wool crepe from the collection for this dress. I will add bracelet length sleeves but the picture below is the inspirational jumping off point...

The next dress is Butterick 5100. This pattern has made it onto alot of sewists must sew lists for fall. I had originally dismissed the pattern but I saw this sweater coat from Silhouette and thought that a cabled version of this would be too cool. I actually have a cabled knit fabric in the collection and what a quick and easy version this would be ~ great for a casual Friday.

Plaid is everywhere this fall and if you don't add some to your wardrobe are you or aren't you trendy? Since I try to add one trendy but classic piece every season...something that speaks to the essence of the season but will hang around longer than that! I will interpret one of these jumpers using my TNT dress/jumper pattern.

Of course since I have already assembled all of the pieces to make McCalls 5555, I want to make it up and wear it sooner rather than later so it's definitely on my list.

The final dress is one I found in a magazine on another actress! (Shades of the Chanel dress here) Though I actually see it as a take off of my SWAP dress. A little pintucking, a rounder neck and some short sleeves all served up in the new light green wool crepe I just acquired and I will have an amazing dress for work.

This is what I will concentrate on for the next few weekends. I will take some pics of me wearing the completed pieces of the "CC Inspired Wardrobe" very soon so you can see how far I have progressed...gonna have to get the teenage photographer a treat to bribe her into taking some shots! *LOL* And I will post them here.

Finally I promise only sewing posts for the foreseeable future, no more taking it back! *LOL*


  1. Can't wait to see your new projects! I made the 5100 and just love it!

  2. I really like all of your inspiration pics. I still can't get enough dresses.

  3. those dresses are very beautiful, very classic design, they will be great wardrobers, I've been struggling with the whole jumper thing though, I know it is in style but I'm not sure I can pull it off at work, you know

  4. Love all the all the patterns you are going to make.Can't wait to see your first project done.

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. In the second picture, the middle dress (the grayish taupe one) looks a lot like Simplicity 3803. I would have never invisioned that dress in wool or suiting fabric, but there it is. Gives me some ideas!

  6. What great choices! Instant gratification projects are a nice break from the long term ones. At least that's how I justified my purchase of some nice knit fabric from Ann!

  7. I just a dress like viewA of mccalls in cosmo, with beaded details on the bottom band! Too cute

  8. I like and learn from everything that you write!

  9. Great choices! There's nothing like a quick/easy dress to relax between time consuming projects!


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