Monday, February 18, 2008

The Cardigan to the Twinset

Now you know that I didn't just make a tank top without a covering piece! I don't like my bodacious arms that much! *LOL* For the cardigan I used my TNT Burda pattern 8869 and the only changes made to the pattern were done to enhance the border print fabric.

The fabric is the same as the SW Mission Tank. The sleeves were cut using the tile border print for the sleeve hems. The center front band was cut using the tile border print allowing it to coordinate with the tank top.

Construction Changes:
I did not interface the back neckline of the band. This was so that it the band would be softer in that area and lay flat against my neck.

I did interface the band fronts and on the button side added another strip of interfacing for the weight of the buttons. This is a light weight knit and the buttons are a little heavy so I did not want them to pull the fabric down. Hopefully by adding the double strip of fusible interfacing to the button side will solve this issue. However, after laying the buttons down on the finished cardigan, I noticed that they just faded to the back and my Panamanian buttons are just too special to go unnoticed. As of right now, the cardigan is buttonless. I will wear it to work without them to see how it wears and if I really need buttons then I will find something that will not fade into the background of this very busy print.

Other than using a crosswise grain to cut the fabric out and take advantage of the border print and the interfacing issues, there were no additional construction techniques. I did add a 1/4" shoulder pad to help balance the top and bottom of my figure out.

And a few pictures...

The border print sleeve

Cardigan alone

Twinset together

How I'm going to wear it to work...

I am working on one more of these using this red knit fabric from

It's about all I am able to sew right now! But at least the desire is back.


  1. This is a terrific twinset, I really like your use of a border print.

  2. Love the twinset! And I don't think you will need buttons. The fabric is really nice and the way you have used the print is fantastic.

    BTW, thanks for all the posts - very interesting!

  3. Yipee, you're back!

    I'm lovin' that twinset. What an inspired use of that great fabric - definitely another winner!! And you said you lost your mojo - don't cha know, you had it all along!! :)

  4. What a great twinset! I love the fabric in this one and the red print for your next one.

  5. The color combination and use of the border print is just so pretty! Great eye.

  6. I Love the whole outfit!
    You did a great shop working the fabric.

  7. oops...great "job" working the fabric...there should be a way to edit our comments lol :)

  8. Totally gorgeous! You have such a great eye for prints! And such ingenious ways to make them sing!

  9. So so chic. I like how you arranged the border print.

  10. Fabulous twinset! And I'm glad to hear your 'voice' again. I missed reading your posts. I hope that work gets less chaotic soon.



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