Friday, February 01, 2008


• Thread
I placed a thread order today from Atlanta Thread and Supply. It is not as exhilerating or fun as buying fabric but it is a sew! So 30 spools of 1100 yards each for $2.66 per spool are on their way to my sewing atelier (okay, apartment!) I did stop for a moment and think about purchasing the 5000 yard cone, but the difficulty of making bobbins with my sidewinder and threading my sewing machine stopped me.

I can't believe that I'm not Swapping this year. Something doesn't seem right with the universe?! I have to admit that after Summerset and Shannon published their storyboards, I began to question my decision, but I just can't SWAP right now. I will have to stand on the sidelines and cheer everyone on!

• Sewing Gifts
These came in the mail yesterday from a dear friend...okay, the buttons are all the way from Panama - purchased by the one and only too-kewl to be real, Cidell!

And don't they go just fabulously with this fabric from Emmaonesock!

• Jacket Progress or lack thereof
As I stated in my previous jacket post, I did not fuse interfacing to the sleeve pieces because I decided that I liked the fused look AFTER I cut my pieces out. However, look how poorly these sleeves are compared to the rest of the jacket!

This terrible look forced me to recut the sleeves from the remaining fabric AFTER block fusing the fabric! Now, I'm praying that I have enough fabric remaining to make the coordinating dress.

• So will she or won't she?
Why sew this weekend or not...I don't actually know. I have some errands to do and I think I am going to have to just give up and spend some quality time at the hairdressers. Oh how I loathe to waste the amount of time I will waste there just to get beautiforius hair! And I need to get a new bookcase - I am really tired of those piles of magazines that are hanging out in my living room! Instead I would rather be working on and finishing up those two "inspired by" pieces...

• Divine Inspiration
Lastly, check out this NY Times article, "The Newly Uptight". Terri K posted this to a folder on Stitchers Guild. It is a really interesting article about how proper, gracious dressing is returning. Personally it sounds like the designers have made the rounds of sewists blogs and have been inspired by us! *LOL*

As always I will keep you updated on what's going on in "Carolyn's World!" Hope you have a wonderful sewing weekend...and whoever has the snow that's suppose to be in the Mid-Atlantic states, would you please send it back?! I NEED a snow day! *LOL*


  1. Hi Carolyn, couldn't you have just undone the sleeves and interfaced them?

    Second question - the thread - is is the same thread that Gutermann sells on those 110 yds spools? Cos I pay $2.99 for one of those!

  2. Ooo, you lucky duck! The buttons Cidell sent you are so neat! They look great with that EOS fabric (which I love).

    I hear ya on recutting the sleeves - sometimes you have to redo it or it will drive you nuts. I hope the new sleeves make you much happier with the final garment.

    I enjoyed that article too - finally, my desire for "boring, old-fashioned classics" will be fashion forward!

  3. I read that NYT article when it ran and wanted to mail copies to all the women I know! The EOS fabric is terrific. Make it up! And please give your magazine and book collection a proper home :)

  4. Great buttons, and the Emmaonesock fabric is gorgeous, maybe I missed a post, what will you make with the fabric...? Oh, please do not mention hairdresser, I'm due and just can't pull myself together to get I would like to hear more about your fuse interfacing, b/c I ordered some fusible knit interfacing.

  5. Carolyn that article was great, I especially like their idea that "Fashion today is more about calmness than flash.”
    That fabric from EOS looks great paired with the buttons.
    Could you have interfaced those sleeves and re-used them?
    Why did you re-cut the sleeves? Sorry if I missed a post on that :)(Left you a msg on my blog about "Lost" :)

  6. Carolyn, the fabric and buttons were made for each other! I haven't seen that fabric at EOS. I could use a snow day myself!
    Need to go read the article you linked.

  7. I really miss you in this SWAP you know...


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