Thursday, March 20, 2008

And the winner is....

The Winner is Combination No. 1

with a final vote tally of 37 votes.

Combination No. 2 was a close second with 25 votes - I guess the blue fabric really resonated with quite a few people! Bringing up the rear, Combination No. 3 had 19 votes.

First I would like to thank EVERYONE who stopped by to vote! And a special thank-you to all the lurkers who voted! It was nice to see some names in the comments section that I hadn't seen in awhile and some new ones too!

Now, I know that you are all quivering with excitement wondering which combination I've chosen to work with and what it will become...but first a little backstory...*LOL* You didn't think I was gonna reveal all right away did you?

The base fabrics are wool crepes acquired from Fabric Mart during their last tremendous wool blow-out sale! The coordinating fabrics are silks and in one case a polyester acquired from Fabric Mart during the silk blow-out sale. And the reason that I am using the wool crepe as a base is because these fabrics will be used to make my Easter Suit.

Yes, Easter suit. I had originally planned on using the black/white border silk to make a dress but since the temps on Sunday are going to hover around 42 degrees Farenheit and we have a dinner reservation after church, I decided that I wanted to be chic yet comfortable.

I also decided that with all the fabric buying that has been going on here lately, everything had to come from my collections! Thus the digging around in the fabric collection, the fabric euphoria and the voting. So, my choice of fabric for my Easter Suit ~ Combination 1! Why???? I think that combination of fabrics will have a spring-like look without looking overly springy on a day that will still have a little of winter's chill knocking at the door. Everyone who picked that combination because of "The Look of Spring" were right on the money!

Now what pattern am I using? I am going to use my TNT jacket pattern and the instructions from the newly purchased Vintage pattern to make the suit.

Riding back and forth to work, I have been mentally working the construction details out in my head. I believe I have an idea of how I want to accomplish the look! So I'm locking myself into my sewing area until Saturday morning when I have to go have my hair done! I have several good take-out menus as well as a couple of bottles of Mountain Dew! *LOL* And I will crawl out and post updates over the next few days!

Again, thanks so much to everyone for taking the time to vote! I REALLY appreciated it!


  1. Good luck with making the suit. Can't wait to see it!

  2. Awesome choice - you will be so chic! Please show us the shoe and jewelry choices, too, when the whole thing is complete. I love seeing how people accesorize their outfits.

  3. Great choice. That suit will be fabulous!

  4. Will stayed tuned for the Finale.

  5. Good luck! I hope the sewing goes smoothly.

  6. that combo just says spring to me, I hope it works out great, can't wait to see that suit

  7. Can't wait to see the suit. Boy, you will be busy this weekend. Have fun!

  8. Watching and waiting.I know it's going to be chic.

  9. Carolyn, I am still a bit addle-headed from this years viral influenza so I can't remember if I voted or not. Anyway, this is the combination I favored and I think the suit will be absolutely lovely.

  10. Can't wait to see the suit, I love the pattern!

  11. Can't wait to see it! It will be lovely. It will look very Jackie O.

  12. Good choice! I am on my toes to see your Easter outfit!


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