Sunday, March 30, 2008

I Abhor Home Dec

eta: from Marji - seems I used the wrong word...but I am standing by the content cause I ABHOR home dec...*LOL*

loath - adjective
1. unwillingness to do something contrary to your custom; "a reluctant smile"; "loath to admit a mistake"
2. (usually followed by 'to') strongly opposed; "antipathetic to new ideas"; "averse to taking risks"; "loath to go on such short notice"; "clearly indisposed to grant their request" [syn:

loathe - verb
find repugnant; "I loathe that man"; "She abhors cats" [syn:

Well I guess you can tell that spring is approaching...

Because spring usually makes me want to clean closets or fix something...but due to a downstairs neighbor, I had to fix a lot of something in my apartment...which in turn caused me to just go ahead and change curtains, bedspreads etc.

Now I A-B-H-O-R home dec sewing...give me a pattern with a lot of little pieces, a great piece of fabric and a vision and I am happy as a pig in slop! Give me long pieces of fabric that just need straight seams and I'm running as fast as my little feet can carry me away from the scene.

However, since these actions have been FORCED upon me, I am the midst of home dec hell! So there will be no garment sewing this weekend...

Which brings me to just one other point before I go to move some furniture...I HATE LOEWS! Yeap that's right the home dec/do-it-yourself store...poor customer service, more poor customer service and even more poor customer service makes me wonder how they stay in business!

I am still planning my transitional wardrobe but alas home and hearth has taken precedence this weekend. I will have more garment related sewing soon!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I hear you on the home dec sewing - I really don't like it much either. Pillows are fine, they're small and whip up quick (and better than paying $50 for one at a store), but curtains, slipcovers, etc. Nightmare!!

  2. I am totally opposite! I love my local Lowe's and Home Depot!!! I am about to start my duvet cover and curtains soon. I've put it off long enough lol

  3. You have me intrigued - what could a downstairs neighbour do to make you need to sew new curtains.....Must be bad, cos I hate to sew curtains!!

  4. I'm intrigued too about the neighbours. And I completely share your opinion about home decoration. I hate making curtains and remember a set of curtains (long, long ago) where the seaming pins where still in, when they were taken off when I moved after 3 years.

  5. I'm not fond of home dec or craft sewing. I will do it upon occasion. My beloved daughter is still waiting for curtains I promised her last summer. I did take a class this week in making pillows just to learn the techniques. LOL!!! I hate Home Depot but never shop at Lowe's although hubby likes them. Get the home dec stuff out of the way so you can return to more fun projects.

  6. I think it must be your particular Lowes that has issues. We LOVE our Lowes! We've had excellent customer service from our Lowes and they are always very friendly and helpful. Perhaps you should file a complaint with their home office but don't assume they're all bad.

  7. Carolyn, I feel for you. Long straight seams, blech! I'm sending positive thoughts your way so your curtains and bed cover turn out fast.

    Just curious, how does the neighbor figure into this?

  8. Yeah, not terribly exciting. I hear ya. But when you look at the alternative - $50 for a throw pillow, are ya kidding me? Not to mention the custom look in just the colors / fabrics you want.

    I'm in the midst of some re-decorating / minor repairs/renovating myself and have spent quite a few Saturday / Sundays in Lowe's recently. I have had great experience. In fact, just this morning, I headed in after church with 5 different halogen landscaping lightbulbs that I needed to replace. There must have been 100 different light bulbs on the shelf (who knew there were so many kinds!!) A nice older gentlemen who had just started working there took charge and had me in and out in 5 minutes.

  9. I agree with you about Lowes. They have the worst customer service I've experienced. I will only go to Home Depot now (They were friendly and helpful.)

  10. ;)
    I have swags for the french doors in the kitchen that have been cut for 4 years - I have draperies for the master bedroom that are hanging over hangers in the basement waiting for inspiration to hit for a remake...maybe I need a downstairs neighbor situation. ;)
    What can a downstairs neighbor do? Upstairs I see could wreak havoc by causing water damage - but a downstairs neighbor? My imagination fails me.

  11. I'm right with you on this one. Home Dec sewing bores me to poor daughter has been patiently waiting for two weeks for me to cut and hem some curtain panels she bought at IKEA.

  12. Hi Carolyn,
    I love sewing home-dec because I love to save money and fitting is not an issue. I just finished lined silk curtains for my dining room.I could never have afforded to buy them ready made. My kitchen curtains are almost done. Next is my daughter's room--curtains, duvet cover, shams and throw cushions. The other reason I love to sew home-dec is that it gets me out of painting.

  13. LOL...ok, I send you a nice quiet private little email, saying very nicely that you might want to amend your spelling...and you go blare it out there....big sigh, now I'm the know-it-all who's out there acting as grammar police. ARGH.

    Are the curtains at least done?

  14. and now I'm ROFLOL
    I didn't suggest you change the WORD, I suggested you add an E to Loath.
    you're funny.
    I hope you're having a good day.

  15. I love home dec sewing. The last time I bought curtains or bedspreads was 20+ years ago.I sew all my home dec projects including slip covers for my living room sofa and chairs, bedspread and curtains. I also make shower curtains for my bathrooms. I love home dec. I must admit I'd rather sew home dec than clothing

  16. Normally by the time a new season rolls around I'm nearly ready to put up curtains and change duvet covers and pillow slips and all that. Now that I've been indoctrinated into garment sewing... Humbug what Seriously, I make my own curtains because I have 28 windows that require curtains, shade or some type of window treatment (one room has 8 windows...uggh) and I save a lot of money and thats a lot of long straight seams... again curtains - Humbug.

  17. I don't mind some home dec sewing because my mother has always been so good with it. I can see an idea and think I can make that a whole lot cheapter and like it more. But, I do wish I was better at garment sewing!!!
    As far as Lowe's goes ... you're right. I wanted a particular product once, cut a particular way and I just kept asking different sales reps until I got the answer I wanted. It turned out ok, but it was a pain!

  18. I'm with you on the home dec sewing; If I can't wear it, I don't get half the pleasure of making it! This is true also for my crocheting.


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