Friday, March 14, 2008

This & that and a little vintage, too!

I know, I know I should be posting about embellishing a garment but after a long and tedious week at work and a weekend full of activities, all I want to do is SEW!

I have two grumble, grumbles...first whose bright idea was it to move Daylight Savings Time into March...I mean really...I liked having light early in the morning instead of at the end of the day... So now instead of going to the bus stop at 6:30 am in the kewl morning is still dark as I'm trudging across the field to the street to the bus stop...and I am coming home so late I still don't see the "extra" light at the end of the day...oh wait, I'm a liar, I see it from my office window! W-h-o-p-p-e-e!

And my second grumble is who moved Easter up so early...ummmm, the Easter activities are just coming up wayyyyy too fast for me! One, my Easter dress is still in flat fold fabric - thank goodness I have next Thursday and Friday off! And that means that all of my March weekends are taken up with family activities...I usually don't have to do these things until April!!!
grumble, grumble, grumble...

People I have the wanna sews BAD! I haven't sewn anything since the twinset back in February BEFORE I got sick! The "Menswear Lace" dress that was just a quickie fix project! And I have ideas...boy, do I have ideas swirling around in my head begging to be made into something! My finished garment total is just an abomination...7 items in three months...*sigh*

And the fabric and the patterns and the notions...they just keep on coming! 'Cause you know if I'm not sewing something...I'm buying something...its truly a shame! Well, at least I'm supporting the home sewing industry!

Lately I have been on a real vintage pattern kick...not because I want to make them but because the instructions and attention to detail in the garments is the look I am "longing" for...notice I said longing 'cause I ain't sewing! So, Lanetz Living was running a sale on patterns and I bought these:

This one in my actual size - cause I would love a bowtie dress - not sure about the sleeves and will definitely use my TNT dress pattern to "Make it Work!" (Karla that was for you!)

This one because I wanted to see how they constructed the pockets in the seams...

And ooooohhhh the instruction sheet on this one is full of interesting tidbits! I am going to use my TNT, Vogue 2285 - OOP, as my jacket pattern but all of the information in this pattern will be used to construct it...especially since I bought this pattern in a size 12 and that ain't no where near fitting my bodaciously plump body! *LOL* But since I was after the instructions - $3.00 for some great information was pennies in my eyes!

This final pattern was purchased for the detailing...

I just have to figure out how to work this detailing into an outfit for me...again not in my size (16.5) but the instruction sheet is worth its weight in gold.
While a lot of fabric has made its way to my home in the last several weeks, I won't bore you with pictures of beautiful and luscious fabrics...instead I will attempt to make some of them up! Yeah, right! *LOL*

So think of me kindly and with good thoughts over the next few weeks...'cause I don't know how much sewing I'm going to get done and hopefully I won't explode or implode from the drought!
Enjoy your sewing journeys...and I will get back to embellishing a garment, I promise!


  1. I'm totally bias on the DST change. I finally get more day time for my b-day!!

  2. I love your new patterns (imagine that!) - the details on each one are fab! I totally agree with you on buying just for the instructions - the vintage patterns cannot be beat for amazing info.

    The first one is so cute - I love the buttons and the pleat up the front.

    You know I love the second one (Jackie Kennedy anyone?) - if you ever decide to part with it, keep me in mind. ;)

    I have a pattern very similar to the third one and someday (she says wistfully) I may actually sew it up.

    Now on to DST - I actually like it this way. By this time of year I am so desperate for sun! I'm lucky that I am done work at 2:30, so I welcome the extra light in the evening.

    Finally, how on have not already exploded and imploded? I would die if I couldn't get in some sewing every week. Girl, I feel your pain, but you'll get back in the swing of things soon enough!!

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly on the DST. I like my early mornings, and this darkness again at the time we were seeing light is bad and has thrown me way off.
    The good news in all your grumbling: your sewing mojo is back with a vengeance. Glad to see it.
    Oh, I'm lovin' that third pattern. I need to go check out lanetz living again. I've got my eye on a similar pattern (sz 12 but I'll grade it up) on ebay right now.

  4. Love your vintage patterns, Carolyn! Have a great time sewing (I wish I was sewing,... instead I'm at my office trying not to go mad - I was requested to work this Saturday) - Sigh...)

  5. oh Carolyn
    I love when the time goes forward, more light when I get off of work to get things done, the first couple of days totally mess me up though and easter is way to early, I hope you get some sewing done, and love the vintage patterns

  6. Come on, Carolyn...bore us with some pictures of the new fabrics!

  7. Carolyn! I love the vintage patterns - in fact I almost bought that last McCall's pattern (7956) myself! The details are fantastic.

  8. Aw, Carolyn, hang in there. You'll soon be sewing up one outrageously gorgeous storm! Maybe you could get in some of those little things, so you can at least feel some progress? Pretreat fabric, hem any UFO's on the bus, thread your machine with the next color, maybe do some test stitches on those cool fabrics, make garment piles with fabric, pattern, trims, buttons. We gotta make sure you don't implode, yikes!


  9. OHhh I hate DST! Hate it with a passion! At least for us it's changing on 30 March so I've still got two more weeks of normal light. And Easter is on 27 April which is not bad either. When is yours? Is it like the Catholic one, next week?
    Those patterns are great. Can't wait to see what you'll make!


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