Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Suit - So Far

I am taking a break to eat so I thought I would let you know how far along I am...

First, a pic of the Vintage Vogue Jacket that I'm interpreting:

The lining and jacket shell are both almost complete, they just need to be sewn together!

The sleeves for the lining are done. However, I need to add the underlining of silk organza to the fashion fabric sleeves before setting them into the jacket. Then I will add the lining to the jacket.

I have followed most of the instructions from the Vintage Vogue pattern especially for the construction of the jacket fronts with the faux welt pockets.

Adding the silk organza underlining was part of my own plan...I wanted to give the jacket some stability but I wanted it to be lightweight like a cardigan. I do plan on wearing this outfit into spring!

Finally, I can't decide whether to make a dress using the striped silk as the top or two more pieces...the SW Mission Tank from the striped silk and a straight skirt from the wool crepe. Right now the dress is winning because it will take less time to construct than two additional pieces but we will see.

I am also struggling with the piping that I wanted to put around the jacket. When I was imagining the jacket, I could see it clearly. But now as I am working with the pieces it seems like it might be overwhelming, so I still need to make a decision about that.

Well, that's my update! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you the completed suit! I will definitely have something finished to wear for Easter, because I am close enough and have enough time left to get it done! Thank Goodness! *LOL*


  1. It is looking great!! I know you are glad you will have enough time to complete it!

  2. I love it! I can understand the dilemma over the piping. You can always embellish with jewelry adding and subtracting pins, necklaces, etc. if it needs "something". The piping you'd be stuck with.

    BTW, I love that red version on the pattern and that gorgeous bright print for the shell and jacket lining.

  3. OMG when you go, you GO!! Love the lines and hidden pockets in that jacket.

  4. That jacket is going to be stunning on you. Do you have enough of the stripe to make both a tank and a dress? That might be my preference - because it would just maximize the options.

    I agree with Summerset on the piping. And if you're feeling it would be overwhelming - well you know best! g

  5. This is such a pretty combo. Can't wait to see it finished!

  6. The suit is coming along splendidly!

  7. Carolyn, I love your classic taste in clothes. This will be a great suit. Glad you will get it done.

  8. Wish I could see you on Sunday. I know you'll take a picture - right!

  9. Geez!! Didn't you just start!?! When can I sign up for Carolyn's speed sewing class?

  10. Nice progress. I kind of agree with Summerset on the piping - might be a Lot if you decided to pipe all those seams, although it sure might really pull the whole look together just to have it down the CF and around the neck edge.
    more is better philosophy: do you have enough silk to make a dress with just a high yoke of the stripe, then a 2 pc dress later with a whole top of the stripe?

  11. Hey! I have this pattern! Can't wait to see your finish. You will be a star in the Easter Parade.

  12. It looks great so far, Carolyn!

  13. I am looking forward to seeing the completed suit. It looks wonderful!

  14. Great list. Your list of criteria is why I read your blog.


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