Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Commercial Break

One of the other things that I had to accomplish this weekend was a simple 4-gore skirt for my youngest DD. She doesn't ask me to sew for her often and since this was an easy request I said yes!

I am using this fabric purchased from Metro Textiles last spring:

And I am making a version of this skirt:

This is my TNT skirt pattern that has been altered several times and is a workhorse pattern and garment in my own wardrobe. Every time I produce another one of these skirts, she admires it so this was my starting point.

And here is the final skirt:

It was a down and dirty sew because I still have soooooo much left to do on my Easter Suit that I am already thinking of alternative things to wear with the jacket! But that is stuff for another post!

Skirt stats:

3 yards of a mesh print from Textile Studios
3 yards of black rayon lining
TNT pattern altered to fit my daughter
1.5 yards of lingerie elastic

I used a serge hem finish on the bottom of the fashion fabric and straight stitched the lining fabric.

Well that's done now back to the Easter Suit!


  1. What a great mom you are. Her skirt looks great, and it was wonderful of you to take the time away from your suit to make it for her this weekend.
    Happy Easter to you.

  2. Ditto everything Marji said! The things we do for our kids, but how good it makes us feel at the same time. I hope you don't make yourself crazy with the Easter suit. It will still be beautiful whenever it's complete.

  3. Very cute, Carolyn. I like the layering. Sometimes taking a break from the main project (your Easter suit) is not a bad idea. Hope you got it finished it time to wear, and Happy Easter!

  4. You are such an inspiration to me! I love the time you took for your daughter. I can't wait to see your new suit! Have a very, very Happy Easter!

  5. Wow, do you want to be my aunt? Make me stuff like that too, it's gorgeous.

  6. You are so good at using TNTs. I really need to do more of that. I can't wait to see your Easter suit finished.

  7. You're a first rate mom, making a special request when you're working on your own suit! The skirt is cute and young!

  8. Fun! I always avoid buying sheer fabric because I never know what to do with it, this is a great example for me of what's possible.

  9. Beautiful skirt! I'm in love with polka dots

  10. OH, and Happy Easter to you! Ours in in more than one month.

  11. Oh, just gorgeous! You have a very lucky daughter! Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  12. Does it make you feel good when they appreciate your style and taste? Your TNT is a great wardrobe builder. This version is especially pretty.

  13. I have this pattern and LOVE LOVE LOVE this skirt. I've made several now and every time I wear one I get complements...


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