Monday, January 12, 2009

The Making of A Suit - Chapter One

First Chapter - Pretreating the fabric

After choosing my fashion fabric, usually my next step is to pretreat the fabrics. I know some people pretreat their fabrics as soon as they hit the door. And I've tried this method, but handling the fabric just makes me want to use the fabric right away, even if I'm in the midst of a project! Since I really dislike UFO's, I've stopped doing this and now pretreat as my first step in making a garment.

So last night while watching the Red Carpet for The Golden Globes and the actual award show, I pretreated the wool crepe. I've previously written out a detailed account of how I pretreat wool crepe and you can read about it here! Now this is a process but I've never experienced shrinkage when I dry clean my finished garments using this pretreatment method.

Last night I actually enjoyed this process. I got into a rhythm while watching TV and before I knew it, I was done! I also threw the lining fabric into the washer and dryer to pretreat it and then lightly pressed it. I think by breaking this down into steps, none of them are onerous even though I'm usually rushing through these steps because I like the actual sewing and construction of the garment best! I am working towards accomplishing my sewing goals for 2009 - one of which is to slow my sewing d-o-w-n. Now my fabric is ready for cutting and the weekend!

Tonight, though I will thread the serger and my sewing machine and make several extra bobbins. I always like to make at least two bobbins when sewing a large project because I hate running out of bobbin thread halfway through. You're wondering about the thread in my sewing machine, right? Well since I purchase the 1100 yard spools of Gutterman thread from Atlanta Thread & Supply, I rarely run out while sewing a garment!

Tonight I'm borrowing Summerset's parting shot:

I finally got the internet connectivity working, so not only is my blog page featured on the front touch screen but I also got up the and Chanel apps that Phyllis highlighted on her post "Fashion at your Fingertips" on the Sewing Divas blog! I love my iTouch!!!!

The next chapter will be about picking notions, buttons and interfacings...


  1. Neat looking gadget though I am clueless even after reading the diva post. It sounds like fun.
    I only prewash fabric when I pull something from the stash except for knits for tops or stretch wovens for bottoms for everyday wear. I wash big cuts of those as I will often sew several of the same while the coverstitch and serger are threaded up with a particular color. It is boring but a good way for me to get some basic pieces sewed up. Most of that type stuff is for at home or sleep wear so multiples are ok. I don't envy your keeping a corporate wardrobe sewn up but enjoy seeing all your sewing ventures. If I ever get sewing time again, I want to try a couple of your tnt patterns for sure. mssewcrazy

  2. One day I shall make a suit for day. Thank you for your blog.

  3. Isn't the Itouch amazing? I saw my nephew's and it blew me away. I can see that in my future!

  4. I wish I had your patience and dedication, LOL. I pre-treated a wool crepe this morning by getting the shower as hot as it would go, getting the fabric damp but not wet, and hanging over the rod. It will be dry and pre-shrunk by tomorrow, though I'll have to press out the rod marking. However, it's for a skirt for my mom who is notorious for absolutely ruining everything by washing in hot and putting in the dryer (hang dry is not a concept to her), so I think I may need to go ahead and wash in hot and put in the dryer to try to save the finished product from her.

  5. Thank you for refering to your post on shrinking wool crepe. I will be sure to refer to it the next time I have occasion to sew with this fabric which I too love.

  6. Do you have a bobbin winder? I hate having the (expletives deleted) things run out on me, too. I like to sew like colors so I don't have to rethread the serger often, but I have 2 sewing machines of my own, plus my daughters' 3 (on loan) while they're in college, so I usually have the right color in some machine.

    Dunno about the iTouch. I don't go much for the cute little electronic things, but I'm glad you like yours!

  7. I like to wind several bobbins, too. You know you *always* run out of thread with about 2" left to sew! Maybe not you, but me, more than once. LOL.

    I usually wash the cottons and blends right when they come in the door, most of the time they detour right to the laundry room. The silks and wools wait until they are going to be used.

  8. I do the same thing with the extra bobbins. Hate to stop to thread a bobbin!

  9. I pretreat before I store a fabric-pretty much as soon as it comes in the door. I learned the hard way that it really put a dent in my sewing mojo if I had to stop to pretreat before I could start to sew. I still have to press some wrinkles out again when I'm getting the fabric ready to cut but I am happier doing it this way.

    I'm still working on remembering to wind 2 bobbins at the start of my projects.


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