Friday, January 09, 2009

Sometimes Blogger gets on my last nerve!

See I had this great post called, "Baby It's Cold Outside" that I just thought up and typed into blogger...I checked it for it again to make sure that I made sense then pressed publish...nuthin'

Just this freakin' red box telling me that I had an edit issue and to hit the back button which like an idiot I did...yeah, never follow the instructions people because that puppy was gone! I had like two paragraphs of a finely worded, witty post left...

*sigh* I just deleted it and moved on...but I did say something that I wanted to share, so here goes...

"Thank you everyone for your wonderful, sweet and very heartwarming anniversary wishes! Some brought tears to my eyes, some made me laugh and some just thrilled me but every last one made me happy! I hope that we have as many wonderful sewing journeys this year - yes, that's you and me...because even though this is my diary I appreciate it that you stop by so often to read about my passion and obsession!"

And I'll do the "Baby it's Cold Outside" post tomorrow...


  1. I do the blog for my church and have had this same thing happen. What I do now is type my message in WORD, save it on my thumb drive, if I plan to come back later. When I'm ready to post it I open WORD, COPY and PASTE it to the blog post page. That way if blogger wants to act up, you've still saved your writing and can repost it without losing everything you've typed. Hope this helps.
    BTW when I post the pics, I do 2 of each just in case I lose one while I'm fine tuning.

  2. 10 more days :)
    Where's your party?
    I want to sew something Obama - have you?

  3. This has happened to me with emails - very very annoying and by that time one is too distressed or in a hurry to start over. This week while sitting at a hospital I realized how much I need new tops to wear under lots of nice zippered rtw velour sets I have and understand totally all the mission tanks you crank out for your suits. When I ever get sewing time again, that will my quest as I do have a tnt tank pattern now that I made a couple from last summer. I hate calling them tanks as they no way resemble the nasty bought things. Keep up the good work. mssewcrazy

  4. I'm a day late in saying Happy Anniversary. Typical for me~

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and expertise! I always learn something and enjoy your perspective on life.

    Keep on sewing!

    Lynda in LV

  5. I have SOOOO been there. Doesn't that just irritate the heck out of you. You've created genius work and it gets lost in the blogging nethersphere. I tend to "save as a draft" continuously as I write so at least I have one version before Blogger has an attitude.

  6. Carolyn,

    Have you tried using Windows Live Writer (it's free) to draft your blog posts? I swear by it. It should work with Blogger. It works great with Wordpress, which is where my blog is. I swear by Windows Live Writer. That way you aren't dependent on the blogging hosts user interface and having it bomb on you like it did. I've been there, which is why I switched to this. :) Hope that helps.

    Plus - as a PS - I don't like Blogger simply because it's a Google product. I prefer to help out the open source (read: little guys) movement by using Wordpress.

  7. Oh, meant to add one more thing. Using Windows Live Writer, all it take is hitting the publish button to send it up to Blogger, and you can schedule your post to publish in the future. (No copy/paste required.) It rememebers all your login credentials, design, and such. If you want help or to know more, just email me. :)

  8. I haven't had that experience yet. I'm new to blogging but will surely look out for that.


  9. Well, even though it was painful... we still have something to look forward too!
    I really enjoy reading your posts! Thanks for all you do! There's always something else to learn.

  10. Just buzzing through - and haven't even read all the comments, but I have had this happen on my blog, in comment sections, and in e-mails. Most of the time I try to remember to do a quick highlight and copy - so when (not if) that happens again, I can at least go back and paste what I wrote back in. Of course the times I forget to copy what I write is when it fails!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    About your post....I almost promise you it's still in your google account! Log in and go to Posts then Edit Posts. You'll probably see it in your posts and it will say "Draft" beside it in italics. I do this all the time (lose posts) but Blogger saves every minute or so that you're typing a post to prevent a total loss. If you don't end up "Publishing" the post, it still stays in your account as a draft until you delete it (which you never have to do, it just sits there.)

  12. Wordpress. You'll never look back.


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