Sunday, January 04, 2009

A few things...

Yes, I'm still sewing but as usual when sewing my mind is whirling...

1. I would love to sponsor a TNT patterns contest. Where everyone took one TNT pattern and used it at least 3x in three different ways and then we voted for best use of a pattern. After the experience of working with a TNT pattern in such an intense manner, I think I could convert 90% of you to using them more! *LOL*

2. Els asked why I sewed the buttons on the chilly day outfit the way that I did? Ummm, cause I liked it that way! *LOL* But isn't it funny how a person's comment or observation (especially one made by someone you admire) causes you to rethink or look at something you did differently?

ETA: Ummm, I didn't think that Els was criticizing my buttons at all! I was reflecting on the fact that she pointed something out that I hadn't seen...if I gave the impression that I thought I was being criticized or critiqued that was NOT what I meant to convey!!!!

3. You know I don't think I sew very well...okay, I'm not putting this out there for affirmation...this was just one of my thoughts while I was making the TNT pants pattern. I think I have more passion for the art than skill. I can sometimes be a very sloppy sewist and then at other times I'm all about the correct way to accomplish the same sewing task...

4. I really, really, really don't need another piece of fabric! I truly need to get a grip on this one...yeah, I know y'all are tired of hearing that one from me! *LOL*

5. I am getting a new sewing machine and serger this year...I will be 50 this year and this will be my present to myself...a TOL sewing machine and serger so that I don't have to get the magnifying glass out or call my daughter in to thread the needle of the serger when its late at night!

Okay now that I've had a sewing break, I'm headed back in...but can you also tell me why on earth I have managed to take a very simple sewing project and turn into the project from h*ll! Yeah more on that later!!!


  1. Carolyn

    A TNT contest, eh? Maybe that will inspire me to become more creative than just fabric choice!

    I will be 50 this year, too. I realized it when the spinning instructor Friday kept emphasizing it was 2009. I almost fell off my bike when I did the arithmetic in my head. Good thing the bike is stationary! Like I didn't remember I turned 49 a couple of months ago!

    I don't think I will buy anything special, though. I am going to throw myself a party instead ...


  2. Okay, I'm up for a TNT contest. Being 50 is cool, I've learned a lot about myself and feel comfortable with me. Wow, I'll be 52 this year. The best thing that I have found for threading needles is a product by Dritz called Looped Needle Threaders. They are thin wires with long loops and come 6 in a pack. They work well for me because I have nails and big fingers. I use them for all needles including hand needles.


  3. Carolyn, the jacket and pants are stunning as usual. I read the comment from Els, I think that what she was refering to was the direction the buttonholes were sewn, (side to side; rather than up and down) I think that when buttoned, the horizontal placement of the buttonholes will allow the buttons to slide a bit.

    I didn't really notice the first time I looked at the enlarged photo, I just thought that you did a wonderful job matching the plaid. I've got that job ahead of me later this evening or tomorrow, a b&w plaid coat I'm sewing for DD...didn't get it done in time for Christmas.

    Anyway, either way the buttonholes are sewn on, I think the jacket is beautiful!

  4. Sorry! I meant 'check', not 'plaid'. I've got 'plaid' on the brain lately! ;-)

  5. You say you may be sloppy in some of the sewing, but your clothes always look great & hang well. You are an inspiration because you are not afraid to try something new. As my learning bumps along, I try to keep that attitude, that it'll be ok, it's a learning experience, etc. Off to a new one!

  6. Excuse my ignorance, what's TNT? Would love to know.

    I think you sew beautifully and always with a purpose. It's good to take in the constructive comments of other skilled sewers because you're right, it causes you to look at something from a different perspective.

  7. I love your sewing Carolyn. The SWAPs are always fun to watch come together. I agree about the constructive criticism. It's always easier when it's given by a person whose work proves they know what they're talking about!

  8. Hmmm, contest for TNT patterns, I might play along. I think you sew fabulously. I think we are all our own worst critics and find fault with most things we do. Shortcuts are okay as long as you are happy with them.

    As for turning a simple project into the project from h*ll - I think that's your right :) g

  9. THe TNT could be done like Marji did the coat sew along. You can start a blog, have people email you who want to join, and then set up a members list. It could be a sew-along (no prizes) or a contest. Either way, I'm in.

  10. TNT = Tried N True

    I'm not a big one foe contests, but maybe?!?

  11. Carolyn, I think most of the fun is fabric purchase and dreaming of the possibilities. The actual sewing does not have the same thrill. Don't worry about sloppy sewing if only you know it is there. Or it is no worse than RTW.
    The TNT challenge sounds like a great idea and I would be up for it :))

  12. You don't sew very well????!!!You can be a sloppy sewist????!!!!Well! you must be hiding your examples. I haven't seen any sloppy or not well made garments seen I've been reading your blog. Buy as much fabric as you can or want. Life is short; let your children worry about the amount of fabric you have(when you're dead). If it's not causing you to be in credit card debt up to ears, enjoy the pleasure of buying fabric. Also your jacket is very, very nice. I don't do fleece but your jacket is making rethink my position on fleece fabric.

  13. Hi Carolyn,
    My comments on the button sewing were not meant as a critic one but just wonders why you did it the way you did.
    I noticed it because I always sew the buttons on the same way as the buttonholes are sewn, it glides better and the buttonholes stay more closed while the button is in there.

  14. Love the outfit and the time you put into it. I appreciate constructive criticism when it's given out of a true interest in helping a person improve or when bouncing off ideas. You make sewing look easy!

  15. Now I just don't understand why you don't think you sew well!!! I am a great fan of your projects and they look good to me.

    I like the TNT idea. I even made an affirmation to try to establish and use some TNT patterns more this year. A contest is very motivating.

    There are some great TOL machines out there. Babylock serger with jet air is great for threading. I don't have one but really want one!!!

  16. I thought I was the only one who yelled for her daughter to come thread a needle...

    I think Vicki makes an excellent point: I think most of the fun is fabric purchase and dreaming of the possibilities. The actual sewing does not have the same thrill.

  17. OH geesh, I wish I had someone younger to drag in to thread my needles!! That said, the self threading serger I got is a godsend and I no longer have to squint and get all beady-eyed while standing on my head trying to thread the thing.

  18. Everyone is more critical of her own work than others are, so we all take your self criticisms with a grain of salt and move on. As for being unable to see to thread the needle, well, I griped really hard at the "kid" who's taken over my eye doctor's practice (and he's a nice guy, but at 31, he's a kid). He gave me contact lenses prescribed the way they do for actors, so they can see distance and read. All of a sudden, I can thread a needle or a machine again, and life is glorious!

  19. Calling you re #1.

    Re #4 - you can't have your cake and eat it, ya know! One time you're exhorting everyone to keep the fabric vendors in business, then lamenting the fact that you don't need another piece.

    Re #5 - We'll be standing ready to welcome you to the dark side, and cheering along your machine decision.


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