Monday, January 19, 2009

The day before the big day!

Today is the day we actually celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday and President-Elect Obama has declared it a day of service...

I have to admit that to me though, today is the day before the BIG DAY and I'm filled with nervous energy and much I have no post on the significance of MLK Day! I can, however, point you to an amazing post written by Melody who authors the Crazed Sewer blog. Her post is about Rosa it and enjoy! Or you can read the post I wrote about my feelings on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. last year.

My hope is that as the nation gathers together to witness history with such a feeling of joy and anticipation, that in the weeks and months ahead we, the citizens of the United States and the World remember that we all are one! United together to bring peace to a troubled world, to feed the hungry and shelter the lost...

OMG, in less than 24 hours...President-Elect Obama will become the 44th President of the United States!!!!


  1. Carolyn, when my clock radio went off this morning, the station was playing Dr. King's entire speech. I awakened to his voice and just laid there, eyes closed, marvelling at his words and their meaning. What a way to begin this day.

  2. One of The Four Questions that is said at the Passover Seder is: "What makes this night different from every other night?" Boy, do WE have something to say to THAT tonight!! And I'd also like to add that there are hundreds of thousands of private and community Inauguration Parties going on all over the country and in other places around the world - people celebrating this historic and transformative event. I do not recall at any other time (and I recall Kennedy's election in 1960)the amount of plain old joy and celebration going on all over the country for an event like this.

  3. The enthusiasm in your last two posts has been so infectious. I love the clothes you make, but now you have also inspired me to learn more about US history. I have to say, the whole world seems to be buzzing about your incoming President. Is today a holiday?

  4. A huge part of TV, radio and newspaper news are about this event, something never seen (as far as I know) in Canada. Usually US presidents being sworn is only very briefly mentionned. Even in primary school, very young kids had their conversations revolving around this historic moment.
    Everybody I know will be scotch-taped to the TV or radio tomorrow.
    We're living something special, and not just in the US.

  5. Hi:
    I'm excited too! I know I will be anxious to wake up tomorrow and watch history in the making. I am thrilled about the call to service although I had to work today. I'll try to do something later. I've been watching coverage over the weekend, listening to NPR, and am excited to celebrate this tomorrow.
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  6. We watched the concert live broadcasted by Duch tv, also the inauguration will be broadcasted live tomorrow. We are just as exciting as you are in the USA.

  7. I can'tt imagine a more exciting time to be an American, and I share your enthusiasm about tomorrow!

  8. This is an exciting time for all of us around the world, the future is already looking fresher and brighter. It's on tv here live at 3am Sydney time, and since I'll probably be up feeding a hungry little baby I'll be watching it along with you!

  9. It's going to be a rough four years trying to recover our country, but for once, I'm really looking forward to it. I really have hope.

  10. I'm so very excited as I've told you the past few days..awaiting the birth.
    I'm also thinking about the people who aren't here to see this day. There are so many who gave so much for a better future for all of us. Too many names to list... Cheers to all their hard work so that we may rejoice in this day of HOPE.

    Yippeeeeeee OMG... I'm going to be crying all day :)

  11. 830 the morning of, and I'm thinking of how excited Carolyn is :)

    Here's to hope :)


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