Saturday, October 01, 2011

Designer Interpretations - Fabric Inspired Photos

The dress finished...

This has actually been worn already.  I came home from work Tuesday night, looked at it and realized that it had about 90 mins of work left on I sat down and finished it...then wore it to work on Wednesday.

Some stats:
silk blend houndstooth suiting fabric - I think this came from the great fabric divestation that Marji did before she boarded the boat

black bemberg rayon lining
22" invisible zipper
1" black lace for the lining hem
rayon seam binding for the dress hem
2" black ribbon

Some construction notes:

*I used the ribbon to break up the pattern on the front of the dress.  It looked like one humongous plaid without something to give it definition, and I knew I would look like one big ole black 'n white square...not an attractive look for a plus size chick.

*I added black satin piping to the neckline...again to add some definition to the fabric.  It finishes off the neckline and gives the eye a stopping point.

*The dress is lined...with black lace added to the hemline.

...and that's all of the construction notes, because it's another dress made from my TNT pattern and making it up now is so automatic that I think I tried it on right before I sewed up the hem.  Now that's a good TNT pattern!

Wearability issues:

Because of the stiffness of the fabric, this dress has no drape and stands away from my body.  I did NOT notice this in the construction of the dress.  I noticed this at work - *LOL*  Even though I received quite a few compliments on the dress at work and even at the bus stop that morning, however, if I don't want to look "large and in charge" this dress must be worn with a cardigan.  You will see no side pictures of me in this dress because of that fact!  Said cardigan does help with the illusion of giving this dress a slimmer silhouette.  Other than that the dress wore very well - no wrinkles, no butt print from all the sitting I do and it still looked crisp and professional at the end of the day.

So a couple more pics...
...dress alone...

...dress with cardigan... of me and the Little Prince...

I do have to run a few errands today and after that my plan is to spend time with my sewing machine.  I can tell it's the beginning a new season because my mind is bursting with ideas...and all I want to do is sew!  It's also quite chilly here this morning and all I can think of is wool this and wool that! *LOL*

Finally a parting shot:

I've been giving away or throwing out shoes from the last five years.  Some because they've just worn out, some because I'm not in love with the style anymore and some because menopause has affected even my feet...they are a little wider these days.  So these AK Ann Klein's were purchased in two colors - black and raspberry - expect to see them paired with more outfits because I lurve them! always, more later!



  1. It seems a shame to only wear this dress with a cardigan... the beautiful detail on the front gets a bit overwhelmed by the mass of black.

    Why not add a couple of vertical waist-shaping darts front and back so that it skims a little closer to your body?

  2. First the dress does look fantastic w/cardigan second I'm getting in my car right now and coming to jack you for those shoes! I freaking love them. What size do you wear???

  3. That dress is gorgeous - you are so smart to add piping, it's at least the second time you have done it on a garment and it is so elegant with the black strip. The pearls make it. (And for a dressed-down look, accessorizing with an adorable child always works!)

  4. A+ Carolyn, you look great

  5. I know why you received all the compliments on Wednesday - you look great! I like the dress with and without the cardigan. And those shoes - I think Rachelle is closer and will beat me there so I'll have to give up before I even think about getting in my car. ;-)

  6. What a beauty - with and without the cardigan. Love your shoes!

  7. I love the plaid and the details are beautiful!

  8. The dress looks great and houndtooth is in vogue for fall and the cardigan is perfect. As far the shoes is goes, may I have it pleaseeeeeeeeeee! otherwise I may have to get ahead of KMQ and jack you for those shoessss (LOL)

  9. The piping detail is the best bit IMO. Gorgeous shoes too, very elegant. The little prince is as cute as ever!

  10. Lovely dress! The black detail in front is very chic, and the black piping dots the i. You have matched the plaid so well. And I agree with some of the commenters that the dress looks good with and without the cardigan!

  11. Your inspired and creative touches with the piping and the trim make this dress look very sharp and special. Definitely a compliment-worthy dress. As for those shoes - gorgeous!

  12. Great dress! I agree with Fairevergreen - I liked the details that I could see better without the cardigan. At least make sure to take the cardi off a few times in the day (lol). Love the shoes too.

  13. Very pretty dress, Carolyn, such great details. Fab shoes, too.

  14. Beautiful dress and great that it stands up to a full day of work. I am loving those shoes.

  15. That's a very classy looking dress. Love those shoes!

  16. *gasp*
    the little Prince is getting to be a big little Prince!
    He just keeps getting cuter.

    Love your piped neckline on your fashiony dress.
    Can you post a tutorial on how to get fashion?
    My 10-pound September Vogue sits unread.
    Am I hopeless?


  17. The piping is great. The vertical line is great. The plaid is great. And the prince is adorable!

  18. The dress looks great on you and what a great way to break up the plaid with great detailing.

  19. Elegant! Those shoes and accessories, along with your neckline turn this dress from lovely into supremely fabulous!

  20. Great dress, would the panel print cardi you made a while back work? I've just noticed a lot of mixing of plaids and patterns this season.

  21. Oh how I love piping! Another lovely dress, Carolyn!

    As always, your grandson is ridiculously adorable!

  22. The dress is beautiful and you look great in it!

  23. Love the dress - wonderful fit, looks very comfy. Great job!

  24. Great look! I love that wide ribbon trim, and the satin piping is quite nice.

  25. I love the detail on the dress. I am not as good at finding inspiration as you are. Thanks for the note on shoe size. I wondered why my size 6-1/2 foot was now a wide and usually a size 7. Buying shoes now brings me to tears.

  26. Looks wonderful from my angle!

  27. I love this. I think it's my favorite ever of your creations. You look fabulous.


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