Monday, October 31, 2011

Moving Tales - Part III

Of course there is no sewing going on in the new sewing room.  However, all the sewing machines are on my L-shaped table set-up because I now have the space.  The cutting table is up and ready to be used...and I'm working on the boxes.  But the one thing that moving does is that it makes you go through all the stuff that you've been holding onto.

I'm sure I should just toss magazines but if they've been around for any period of time, I realize that there was a reason for me to keep them.  My bedside nightstand was a treasure trove of magazines.  I wanted to highlight just two of the things I found.  

One is the January 2002 issue of Town & Country.  There is an article in the magazine on Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and the making of a new RTW Chanel jacket.  This was a fantastic find and I actually sat down on my bed and read this article by Judith Warner.  I'm sharing the pictures of the article with you here:

I'm soooooo glad that I kept this!

The next thing I found that I probably should have thrown out...but after flipping through it I decided to keep for the ideas.  This company was a division of JJill and went out of business.  These are probably the last three catalogs that I received and they are dated 1999.  I probably didn't toss them because the clothing is classic...things that I could make/wear now by simply changing hem lengths.

I was curious about this company so I did an internet search and found the following blurb in a Direct Marketing News brief (probably why I was so attracted to the clothing and the styling of the catalog):

"The discontinued Nicole Summers catalog concept was targeted to a slightly older customer than J.Jill, affluent women ages 45 and older who have an active but formal lifestyle, according to a company overview.  J.Jill is designed to appeal to women ages 35 and older."

I'm getting use to the sewing room set-up.  I've moved a few things around since the first pics but I don't have any more to share just yet.  I've got to sew something to see if it will work for me before I call it done.  After I run some errands today, I'll be back to unpack a few more boxes...then it's back to work on Tuesday. always, more later!


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing the Chanel info and pics!

  2. I love your moving saga and I'm just waiting to see your finished sewing room.

  3. I'm glad the move went well, except for the missing box. Your sewing room is really not looking that bad. Mine has no excuse!

  4. Congrats on a successful move. This is my second move in 300 days but I did write about it. It was not a smooth as yours and yes I have bin of fabric and bins of books and magazines.

    One thing that I have learn in going through the magazines is to scan the articles into the computer. The pictures are clear and I can reread any articles as i need to. This was the only way I could even think to get rid of some of my magazines. After they were scanned I took them to half price books and was about to get a few dollars for them.

    Now any new magazines have a post it stuck on the articles I plan to scan.
    Some magazine I can never get rid of: Threads, Simply Sew, Vogue Patterns... So I still have a library full.

  5. So glad you survived the move and think it was so smart to get new flooring installed before you moved.

  6. Sounds like the move has been going pretty good (minus the snow), good luck with getting everything setup.

  7. I will be moving in the next few months--primarily so I can expand my sewng space. I appreciate the experiences you have shared. I'm taking notes!! :)

  8. Congratulations on surviving what could have been a very traumatic move! Can't wait to see pics of your new sewing space when the dust settles. Enjoy!

  9. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  10. I so enjoy reading Town and Country even though I'm totally in another tax bracket!!! :) Somehow, I missed that year and issue of the Chanel article!! Good to know you're safe and sound in your new abode!!!
    Take care!!

  11. Wow, wonder if I could snag that T&C issue on ebay...?

  12. Caroline: You mentioned your pattern storage issue; maybe my method will work for you. I put pattern envelopes and instructions in a plastic sleeve of a 3-ring binder (the BIG one). Easy to flip through to find what you want. The patterns themselves are stored in file folders in a regular filing cabinet by pattern number. Easy to find. It takes some time to set it up initially, but works great for me.


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