Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Online Fabric & Notions Sources

Sewing Spots asked, "Where have you shopped online for fabric and notions?"

A better question might be where haven't I?  *LOL*  Even though I have access to the NYC Garment District, I am a huge proponent of online fabric shopping especially since quite a few sources are small business owned. 

So here is my list of online fabric sources that I have purchased from:
1.   Fabric Mart
2.   Fabric.com
3.   Gorgeous Fabrics
4.   Sawyer Brook Fabrics 
(btw - the Dogwood Majesty knit is up in the New Arrivals Section.)
5.   Emmaonesock
6.   Vogue Fashion Fabrics Club
7.   Marcy Tilton
8.   Fashionista Fabrics
9.   Trim Fabrics
10.  Fashion Fabrics Club
11.  Christine Jonson
12.  The Fashion Sewing Group 

This is my list and not all of them ship outside the US & Canada so I would check the policy on their website if you are visiting from outside the US.  I'm sure that there are others but some like Moods, is much easier for me to visit the bricks and mortar store than to place an order online.

My favorite online notions stores are:
a.  Atlanta Thread & Supply which have taken over by Wawak Supplies.
b.  Newark Dressmaker's Supply
c.  Home Sew
d.  Nancy's Notions
e.  Fashion Sewing Supply - interfacing
f.   Farmhouse Fabrics - interfacing
g.  Create for Less
h.  Thai Fabrics - silk organza

But I still purchase notions in the Garment District as I need them at Daytona Trimmings and Pacific Trimmings.  

I'm sure that others have some favorites that I'm not using...please feel free to leave a link in the comments section...maybe someone else would like a listing of these too.

...as always, more later!


  1. Great list! Thanks for compiling and publishing.

  2. Thaks for posting this, Carolyn.

    I'd add one online fabric store:


    And one notions store:


  3. I like bestonlinefabrics, which is an ebay store.

  4. Thanks for the great list.

  5. Wow! I feel famous! Thank you very much for answering my question. I am getting over the shock about Atlanta Thread--I had *no* idea that they had changed ownership. I have ordered all of my drapery making supplies from them for years and now it looks like they don't carry that any more :(

    Your list included quite a few places that I've never heard of before. And more places being listed in comments--cool! I'm so thrilled to have new places to shop! Thanks again!

  6. Thank you for the list of resources. I have one more, it is in Canada, but I am sure they ship to the US.


  7. Thanks Carolyn...I bookmarked this post; I know it will come in handy.

  8. Great list - I have used a lot of these online sources before - I have been pleased with their products and service. Although I have to say I am also shocked to hear about the change of ownership for Atlanta thread supply - I just bought a bunch of serger cones from them, probably just before they changed hands. Will have to check out the new website and pricing.

    In any case, I have to second the votes above for Michael's Fabrics and The Sewing Place. I thought of a few places I would like to add to the list:


    Mood: http://www.moodfabrics.com/index.php (they have, ummm, everything?)

    Michael Levine: http://www.lowpricefabric.com/default.aspx (good for basics and unique fabrics, though I think their wools are overpriced)

    Britex: http://www.britexfabrics.com/ (expensive but unique fabrics)


    B. Black & Sons: http://www.bblackandsons.com/ (wool fabris and tailoring supplies)

    CTSUSA: http://ctsusa.com/ (cheap needles)

    SewVacDirect: http://www.sewvacdirect.com/index.php (lots of dressforms)

    The only one of the stores I haven't ordered from online is Britex (I have been in person), all the others have had great service. Also, most of these fabric sources (except Mood) are on the west coast, so for those of us on the left side of the country, we often get deliveries within 2-3 days of purchase (one time I had next day delivery - how cool is that?).

    Anyway, thanks for your list - I have a few new sewing websites to check out now...

  9. Thanks Carolyn, I'm just now afer ten or more years beginning to go back to making and designing my own clothes again. I'm an art quilt designer and maker and never thought I'd be interested in making fashions again. Your list is now in my favorites so I can get all the things I need without taking off my pj's. You have really inspired me again.

  10. Great list. I was tickled to see Newark Dressmakers Supply. I ordered from them years ago when I lived in Long Island. Their prices were great.

  11. A couple of notions places:
    and fabrics

    This is a great idea. New places for fabulous fabrics!

  12. For lingerie, bra making and swim wear supplies, www.sewsassy.com I've had good service from them in the past.

  13. zipperstop.com is great for zippers. I usually buy a dozen of one color/length in invisible or regular style (but they sell singles). They're cheap, and I get a color that will go with several shades. OK, so I might have 100 or so zippers around. But they cost me maybe 30 to 40 cents each including shipping, so I can afford it. And I learned about Atlanta Thread from you. Their service has been just wonderful!

  14. I buy cutting supplies (mats, cutters, blades & rulers) from a quilting and home dec supplier, Hancock's of Paducah.

    I also buy basic fabric and dyes (great prices on silk habutai linings!) from Dharma Trading.

    I second the Fashion Sewing Supply rec. The interfacing is so much better than the craft store stuff. It will really move your results up a notch.

  15. Great list! There was even one I hadn't shopped (yet!). I wanted to add Cleaner's Supply (http://www.cleanersupply.com/). They are awesome for inexpensive notions, especially zippers, thread and needles. Their regular price for Maxi-Lock is 1.99 a spool - the cheapest I've seen anywhere. Their shipping is cheap and fast. I just ordered from them yesterday. :)

  16. Ah ha - I have one I can add:

    Stans Sewing Supplies


    I buy zippers from them. They sell a lot of notions, apparently it's a real tailoring shop, too.


  17. Thanks for this list. If the online store does ship to Australia I use my US postal address that forwards it to me.

  18. Carolyn, I have no doubt that your blog deserves many awards, so here is another. The Versatile Bloggers Award, come over and pick it up and then pass it along to your favourites.

  19. What a great list and additions from the followers!!! I'll copying and savin' for later. Too bad about Atlanta Thread but their catalog kept getting smaller and smaller and their shipping time longer and longer.You are a treasure!

  20. Oh my!!! You think your fabric addiction has run amok? I fell in love with Dogwood Majesty when you posted the picture! Now when you posted that it's in the new arrivals section I had to get it...PLUS the Gilded Lily, Golden Mustard and Sepia!!! I had already gone on a huge Fabric Mart shopping spree in January! If anyone "ran amok" it's me...and I'm up-right down-rght happy about it!!!
    From the bottom of my heart...thank you for blogging!!! You are sooo much fun and you have been a major blessing in my life.


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