Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Butterick 6002:The Jacket for the 10 yd wardrobe

I used this jacket pattern in the Lavender and Gray wardrobe.  I've never worn that jacket.  I had an idea for a jacket for that wardrobe and the execution of it didn't work.  So I wanted to make it again. Mainly because I believe the jacket failed due to the felted fabric I used instead of a drapier one.

So for the Ten Yard Adventure, I decided to make two jackets.  One from Butterick 6002 and the other from my Burda 8869 out-of-print cardigan.  To start I did something I hardly ever do, I came home one Friday evening and sewed. It was easy since I'd cut several of the pieces (B6002 Jacket and TNT Dress) out the previous Monday evening. 

I've been totally intrigued by this jacket. However, once I picked the correct fabric, I realized that this jacket has no front darts. What the h*ll was I thinking? Seriously?  I have a pretty nice sized bosom, why did I think I didn't need darts?  And what is this preoccupation of mine with jackets without any allowance for my bustline? *sigh*

I got the jacket shell sewn up and of course it was too big.  Again, another one of my common mistakes, making a garment too big because I'm so concerned about having enough space in the abdomen and hip area, that I don't properly check the ease in the neckline and upper chest area. Because I overlooked this, I ended up making a ton of alterations to the pattern. So, of course, my jacket doesn't look like the original...but after letting it sit for a couple of weeks, the changes are growing on me.

Here's the alterations I made:
1.  Added darts to the neckline on the jacket front to remove the excess space in the neckline area of the jacket.

2.  Altered the side seams by removing 4" of excess space.  Two inches on each side tapering into the original sides 5/8" side seam.

3.  Because I altered the sleeve opening, I flattened out the sleeve cap to remove the excess fabric.  The first sleeve installation was nasty because I forgot to do this...

4.  The sleeves were cut on the bias to add a little stretch for my bodacious biceps.

5.  Omitted the side & back facing on the jacket.

6.  Topstitched the jacket everywhere...darts, entire jacket front and sleeve hems.

7.  For a simple unlined jacket there was quite a bit of hand-stitching in it! 

A few photos of the jacket in action...
Butterick Jacket with RTW
black tank & wide legged pants

Butterick jacket with RTW
black tank & elastic waist straight skirt

Some stats:
Butterick 6002 - out of print

5 - 1" buttons
1 pair of 1/2" shoulder pads

The rest of the pieces are finished, so I will be sharing them in the next couple of days...

...as always, more later!


  1. A great save. It looks wonderful with the pants and with the skirt for totally different looks. Don't you love when that happens? YEAH!

  2. Great save on the jacket it looks wonderful. I especially like the coral colour on you.

  3. As always your garments are amazing. I think the jacket turned out fabulously for the false start. I love it with the pink! and it's great with the wide leg pants - of course that's not by accident. g

  4. This is a great jacket! And honestly I really like how you have altered it making it fit and making it your own! And another project is chalked up on your tally board! Good job! It really did turn out pretty... and versatile too.

  5. You look fantastic! I love it with the red.

  6. LOVE the jacket with the wide-leg pants, top and especially the hat. FABULOUS look for you.

  7. The wardrobe is coming along beautifully! It's so fresh! I totally love the exposed tucks on the neckline/bodice area. I think it looks absolutely an intentional design feature!

  8. I love the neckline darts. I think it looks better then the actual pattern drawings. You really look smashing in the jacket, pants and skirt. Please report the comfort level of these pieces. I'v been so tempted in the past to get fabric like this, but I hesitate because I'm always warm.

  9. Terrific save on the jacket....and I've made the same crazy move so I appreciate your willingness to persist in making it work.


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