Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet Peyton...

I saw these dresses in Talbots June catalog and I knew I wanted a couple of my own so I added these dresses to my summer sewing list.

Yesterday when I received another email advertising these dresses, I decided to move it in front of the Preen knock-off because I'm still not thrilled with the orange fabric for the bottom of the dress.

I've chosen three fabrics for my versions...

 the silk tweed that has been in the collection for years bought 
from the Vogue Fabrics Booth at the Worcester Sewing Expo

a purple floral linen print that was 
part of the recent Vogue Fabrics haul

and a black 'n white polka dot cotton pique from Fabric Mart

I'm using my TNT dress pattern and this is one of the first dress ideas from my "Ye Olde Familiar" series.  As I stated before I have no great desire to try and find a different dress pattern from my pattern collection for these dresses because I want the beauty of the fabric or the technique I use to be the primary focus.  

My desire in sewing for myself is always to be as creative as possible (within the confines of my company's dress code) in silhouettes that are flattering to my body.  To achieve these two goals this season, I'm gonna bore the heck out of you, showing you dress after dress based upon an un-purchaseable pattern.  I've planned seven or eight of these dresses and depending on how much sewing I get done, hopefully most of them will be finished before I start planning my fall sewing.

So I've cut out all three of the fabrics and I'm working through picking out linings (some will be from cotton batiste and some from rayon bemberg).  I'm underlining the fashion fabric pieces so that the dresses will be one piece because lately linings have been making me hotter than normal. Underlining the dresses will give me the finish I want, as well as, add some heft and help with opacity.   

This is where I am now.  I will update as I go along.  I'm looking forward to some production sewing and knocking these three dresses out quickly. always, more later!


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a couple of years and still don't know what a TNT pattern is!

    Also, the Peyton looks lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing them finished!

    You are such a great seamstress and I get inspired by you every visit. Thank you!

  2. Great, these should be fun. I like seeing TNT's show a new side.

  3. Bore me all you want!!

  4. No boredom here.Totally enjoying seeing what you make, I love the fabrics you have chosen and can't wait to see the next dress.Happy seing.

  5. Definitely won't bore the heck out of me. I really enjoy seeing how you work and re-work your TNT dress - and any other TNT.

  6. TNT's are brilliant! Boring...never! Love those fabrics.

  7. I really need a TNT. I love Peyton - what a great silouhette. g

  8. You're calling the next series "Ye Olde Familiar"?! I LOVE that!

  9. Nice plan. I love the fabric choices. Are you making the jacket s also?

  10. Carolyn, your TNT dresses are anything but boring! Of course I'm especially looking forward to seeing what you do with the floral linen from Vogue!

  11. I'm looking forward to seeing your versions of these dresses.
    Regarding the orange ponte for your Preen knock-off, we still have some clear tangerine ponte at Sawyer Brook. If you don't want to have to shop outside your collection, I understand. I just thought it might help you to know!


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