Saturday, June 16, 2012

Prepping the Fabric for the next one...

Continuing on with the "Ye Olde Familiar" series, the next dress will be made from this lace fabric:

I've wanted a lace dress of my own since they started showing up in the designer collections and in the stores earlier this year.  I even did a post on it called, "Inspiration" and after looking at quite a few lace dresses, I realized that I didn't want a white one or an off-white one.  I desired an antiquey tan one and since the fabric I bought earlier this year isn't really the color I want... I've decided to tea dye it.  Now I've used this process before, on the fabric in this dress...

...and it's a simple yet time consuming process that I posted about here.  I will work on transforming the fabric this weekend, to get it ready to sew next weekend.  While I'm stirring the dye pot, I will continue sewing the last dress and a half of the Peyton series.

These Peyton dresses have been fun to sew since each dress is different due to the fabric selections, as well as, details such as lining or embellishments.  They will make great work dresses...even though I ended up not sewing during the last Thunder/Heat game.  Too busy screaming at the TV set in the fourth period...*sigh*

So you know where I've been today...finishing up the Peyton series...hopefully pictures of me in the finished garments soon! always more later!


  1. I went to Tablots to see the Payton dress in person and left with a great jacket. Dangerous place that Talbots.a. Can't wait to see your Payton dresses.

  2. That lace looks gorgeous, and I think it will be even better when tea-dyed (something I've been meaning to do to a length of linen I have that's way too white for me....)

    Looking forward to seeing this dress!

  3. So glad for the link to tea dying. I have lenth of ginham that I want to tea dye and I was remembering your beautiful dress as I was thinking of it. g

  4. That lace is gorgeous! I agree, it will be very nice in a more antique shade.

  5. I love your lace! I am looking forward to The results. And the dress is very nice!

  6. Love the lace idea and can't wait to see it finished. I want one too!

  7. Any time I've tea dyed I get an orange result and not a beige/tan that I desire; guess it all depends on the type of tea you use. You could weigh down the fabric so it is all submerged by say, putting a sheet of styrofoam on top and making the cat sit on it, or anything else that's handy and won't be ruined by getting wet.

  8. the large motifs in that lace look wonderful. hope the dyeing goes well and we get to see the finished product soon :)

  9. You definitely have a winner 'brewing'. I know. Bad joke.


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