Thursday, April 09, 2015

Additions to the Sewing Cave

I don't know about you but I'm always adding or changing things in my sewing cave. Most changes are minor these days.  Pieces that add organization and make it easier to stuff more things into the cave! 

I added three new things:

New storage unit for patterns ~
Whenever I use a new pattern or make another adaptation to my TNT patterns they get a new folder. I've used letter or legal sized folders in the past but I've found that I really like the legal expandable folders best. So I bought a box of 50 legal folders and a new plastic bin from Walmart to store them. I've also rearranged the area under the table to accommodate the shelving.

Under the computer table - new pattern storage, hangers and notions storage

Under the sewing machine table - yes, those are my snow boots!

Lighting ~
I've been wanting more light by my serger for awhile now...something similar to the Ott Lite that I bought to go by my sewing machine. When I got an email from Wawak that they had this Ott Lite on special for $59.99 I jumped on it. Well after I went to Amazon and checked to see what pricing they had. This new Ott table light is adding brightness to my serger area now.

New lamp behind the serger

Although now that it's in place, I might switch it and the Ott light behind the sewing machine.  I have to work with them a little more so that I can see what will work best.  

Between the Ott lights and the 100 watt bulbs in all of my regular lamps its very bright in the sewing cave...which is really helpful when I'm sewing into the wee hours of the night!

Sewing Machine Needles ~
Can I say that I HATE those little packs of sewing machine needles! I'm always looking for the way to own the most needles as possible, at one time. I've used gift certificates from internet sewing sites to buy sewing needle packs ~ always looking for a larger package.  Then I was on Amazon a couple weeks ago and found these...

I mostly use size 80 needles so it was a no brainer to buy the pack of 100 in that size.  When they arrived I realized that I will also need the size 70 and the size 90 in the 100 packs too. They will show up shortly and be added to the workroom supplies. Now I will only have specialty sewing machine needles in the smaller packs but I can deal with that! 

I guess nothing is static and my sewing cave is ever evolving, changing to meet my sewing needs and challenges!

If you've noticed I've really been in the mood to sew lately and have been turning out quite a few items...but hey I need clothing that fits! I even have a sewing list for spring/summer garments but I limited it to five items. That way it's an achievable list that can always be added to.

Next up on the blog is a UFO that I've pulled off the wall and made work for spring. always more later!


  1. I have stuffed all I can into my sewing room, storage and lighting-wise. However, I didn't know the needles came in such a large quantity! Hmmm... You are such an enabler!

  2. I really enjoy following your blog. Thank you for sharing your work.

    When Wawak sent that lamp sale email with price comparisons, I went to the big A to verify anyway too. Yup, Wawak had them beat.

    I use gallon zip zip lock bags to store used and traced patterns.

  3. Would you be willing to do a post or a series on choosing or purchasing fabric online? I have made several decisions that I regret and would never ever have purchased the fabric if I had been able to see it and touch it. What should I be thinking about?

  4. You can also buy the needles directly from Schmetz! Thanks for the good info on the Ott lights. One day I'll break down and buy a floor Ott lite. They have had fantastic sales on them at Joann, but everytime I got there they were out!

  5. Glad to see that my sewing room is not the only one with many cords. Thank you for the heads up on the needles.

  6. Your new plastic drawers are just what I need under my cutting table as well instead of stack of bags hoping they will stay stacked. We all need more idea for storing and organizing...thanks for kicking my butt and my brain into gear! Buying needles in bulk is the only way to make yourself ditch older needles and put in a fresh one as well. Your machine and fabric will thank you!

  7. I have bought SM needles in those boxes of 100 for about 10 years now and love having them available at my fingertips. I got 80 and 90 plus a box for my embroidery machine.
    I have wonderful lighting in my sewing room. Had it put in when we renovated and need very little extra lighting when sewing even at night. I will have to look at other lights when we move as I doubt if I will ever get that type of lighting again.

  8. Thanks for mentioning buying sewing needles in bulk! I've always purchased them in the small packs because I didn't know they were available in bulk. I've added them to my Amazon wish list.

  9. I've really enjoyed reading about your sewing cave and your needle info. I love looking at everyones sewing rooms so much that I'm not doing any sewing at all...I love the light it looks a really good one :) my sewing space is rather dark....

  10. Be careful with those hundred watt bulbs. Most lamps are advised for 60 watts or less. I'm preachy because I know someone who literally burned down her apartment building and put people on the street. She had left one of those lights on when she went to work. It overheated and spread quickly. Just want you to be safe!

    1. Hey Bunny - it's okay! They are 3 way bulbs that go up to 100 watts. They can be turned down to lower wattage and the lamps are set up for that. Thanks though for the warning - I appreciate it!

  11. Like your new light behind the serger. Light is a big issue even though my work table is by the window, always looking for the best lighting solution. I am also going to be ordering my needles in bulk from now on, big thank you for that tip.

  12. Thanks for the link to the bulk Schmetz needles. That is the brand I use. I recently had to rush out and buy needles in the middle of a project and was so annoyed to find the store only had the combo pack when I wanted just one specific size. It won't happen again. Bulk $/needle is way cheaper too.

  13. I love that you found the bulk needles. I'm buying these when I get home from vacation. I need more sewing time - I keep saying that - but it's not happening. Knitting under deadline has taken over my life currently. g

  14. Thanks for referencing Amazon as a source for a large supply of needles. They have just about everything and yet I don't think of them as a source for sewing related supplies except for sewing related books. Love that Ott light. I've decided I really need a larger sewing room but that ain't happening.


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