Monday, September 21, 2015

Fabric Finds #3

One of the comments that I received at #wineandcheesewithKashi was that I will make something from a particular fabric and either the fabric has sold out or they couldn't see the potential in the fabric at the time I posted it.

Potential - I can't really do anything about except say trust me...and that's a really big trust when it's concerning your money!  But sold out fabric I can here are a few pieces that IF I was fabric shopping and not sewing from the collection I would purchase.

Here's your chance to see what I'd buy and if you can see it's potential!

First from Emmaonesock:

This is a knit called "Italian Ancient Rome Bordered Panel"
It would make an awesome McCalls 6886!

which would look great in any number of cardigans

Then from Fabric Mart - who is currently running a pyramid sale with 40% off $50, 50% off $100 and 60% off $150:

(swoon, swoon, I'm still trying to justify not purchasing some of this!)

A cupid print blouseweight twill that would make a really cute blouse!

From Gorgeous Things ~

You can use this ponte to make a copy 
of my McCalls 6559 dress

This fabric is called Medallia Mania Reversible 
Cotton Brocade in a very pretty navy color

Nuit de Toile Silk Charmeuse in a tan & black medallion print

Finally if you have champagne wishes and cavier dreams try this piece from Elliott Berman.  It's a rose print on a boiled wool! Just awesome.

These are pieces that I would add to the fabric collection IF I was buying fabric! *LOL* I hope you find something to be inspired by! always more later!


  1. I'm going to LA for a fabric shopping trip soon or I would so have that broken houndstooth ponte. Great picks.

  2. Wow, what a mouth-watering collection. You have such good taste in fabric. I love the first and the last best, but sadly our Australian dollar is in decline, and buying from the US is 'Spensive!!

  3. Oh my, those are some delicious fabrics! I especially love the Italian print knit from EOS!

  4. Get thee behind me! I, too, am NOT buying fabric. I have to sew up what I have first!

  5. I am not trying to be an enabler here, but you need that broken houndstooth ponte. That fabric has you written all over it.

  6. I'm with Alicia...get it! The rest...anything black and white or yellow and black gets my vote and then we come to the pink floral wool...OMG...insane beauty and I imagine how it I can't imagine but I'm drooling just thinking about the description! You make our imaginations soar, Carolyn!

  7. YES! I have often thought the same thing about your great style and selections. Thank you for offering your ideas. I love it. I hope you make this a regular topic from time to time.

  8. Oh my! I want that silk charmeuse for a Carolyn pajamas. With black satin piping.

  9. I REALLY LOVE THE Italian Ancient Rome Bordered Panel. This is a great post. thanks so much.

  10. That first one is so amazing! Wish I could afford it, but don't have the money at the moment. Plus, I have far too much fabric in my stash and need to use some before I can get any more.

  11. It's interesting what calls to each of us. For me, the only piece that is a Must Have is that yellow houndstooth panel! OMG! But I just bought a gorgeous coating from Marcy Tilton today, so it's hands off the credit card. ;)


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