Saturday, September 19, 2015

A New Dress and an Event!

A couple of weeks ago Kashi asked me to invite a few friends over for an evening shopping event at Metro Textiles. We decided to add a little wine and cheese and since I didn't want anyone to be slighted, my friends (@oonaballoona @gingermakes @sownbrooklyn) and I shared the event on Instagram...opening it up to anyone who wanted to stop by and shop. 

However, the day before I stopped by Metro Textiles to finalize a few details with Kashi, and he came up with an idea. He asked me if he gave me a piece of fabric could I make something to wear to the event the next evening. Can anyone say "Challenge!" I left work a half hour early and made it home by 6:10pm which left me about 6 hours to make a dress.

Now of course I wasn't going to start from scratch using a new pattern because I would definitely be rushing the process and might end up with a wadder. Instead I went with my summer fave ~ McCalls 6559!  The day of the event was supposed to be hot and humid in NYC (summer is hanging in rough in NYC this year) so McCalls 6559 was up to the challenge!

The Dress Materials...

2 yards of a cotton knit houndstooth
5 yards of a polka dot foldover elastic purchased from Pacific Trimmings
A little seam tape
Fusible stay tape

This is what I ended up with...

A little construction information ~
The good thing about choosing this pattern is that it's already been fitted to my body and made numerous times this summer. The second thing was that I could figure out my cutting and construction process on the train ride home which made it easier to sew. Lastly since it was a knit there are no seam finishes inside the dress.

The construction details are in photos below...

I used my knee length version then added 6" to the bottom
by using pins to designate the extra inches

Design Plus Straight Fusible Stay Tape 
was added to the neckline & armholes

Then the polka dot foldover elastic 
was added to the neckline and armholes
using a zigzag stitch

The question I was asked most about the dress was how did I get the fringe so even... 
I used a June Tailor Shape Cut purchased a hundred years ago and stored with the other quilting supplies in the cave. Yes, I own quilting supplies because about 20 years ago, I was really into art-to-wear sewing. It's easier to cut shapes with squares, triangles, etc.

So I pulled out the Shape Cut placed it on the fabric and cut 1/2" strips using my rotary cutter. Here's a link on how to use the Shape Cut. Mine were cut 7" from the hemline so the entire bottom of the dress would be fringed.

The June Tailor Shape Cut, seam tape, fusible stay tape and cutting mat

Shape Cut placed on top of the dress to cut the fringe

To be perfectly honest all of the strips aren't the same size but it works. I'm not sure if making the fringe prior to constructing the dress would have made the strips equal sized. However, I was working in a short time frame so I went with what was fastest!

#wineandcheesewithkashi ~
About 25 women showed up to shop and I think a great time was had by all.  A few pictures are below... 

...if you're on Instagram, use the hashtag wineandcheesewithkashi to see other pics from the evening!

Kashi has asked us to sponsor a few more of these so we will.  When dates are decided, look to social media where it will be announced first. Thanks to everyone who came out and shopped. It was a great event!

Also my McCalls 6559 did not let me down! always more later!


  1. This is such a fun dress - fringe makes it! I'm working on my teal ultrasuede jacket and, like you, cut my fringe using a rotary cutter and ruler. Wish I lived in NYC to join in on your meetup. Karen

  2. That is a fun dress. Wish I could be there!

  3. What a knock-out dress and it must feel nice to walk in with all those strips tickling your legs. So glad you managed to make it so fast and look so good and have such a super time!

  4. Gosh I totally dig that fringe! It's runway-worthy!!!!

  5. 6 hours? Amazing. It really pays to have a pattern all ready to go doesn't it? Love the fringe.

  6. What a great dress. I love the combination of the houndstooth and polka dot trim. The fringe is fantastic. Definitely a fun dress!

  7. I hope you got commission from Kashi! Clever dress idea, perfect for such short notice. I'd love to come to the next one but alas a bit too far away. Looks like fun and I LOVE wine and cheese…..and fabric :) Actually I could have wine and cheese amongst my own fabric! I have enough.

  8. Oh my gosh! I was there last week. My first time at Kashi's and first time in NYC!
    Can't wait to go back!
    Love your dress! Another idea I will steal from you! :)

  9. Love this dress. I'm so envious. When I move to that coast you won't be able to keep me away. The polka dots with the houndstooth are fabulous. g

  10. Great dress, Carolyn, and it looks as if you all had fun. I too have one of those rulers!

  11. The dress is awesome. The fringe looks really comfy and hip.

  12. Fringe is so on trend right now and you are in the forefront with your dress. It's darling.

  13. Looks like you had fun planning and making the dress. It is lovely dress and i really like the fringe detail.

  14. Wow! You REALLY rocked this challenge!!! So you (black and white and fave pattern) but also with a twist - the fringe. Your designs and sewing skills always amaze me!!

  15. Great look! I especially love the polka dot elastic binding. Do you have a good source for the decorative fold over elastics? Love your blog!!!

    1. Keren - I get mine anywhere I can find it. I bought a bunch from the Hancocks in Houston, some from Pacific Trimmings and also from Daytona Trimmings.

  16. You are so clever and fast-thinking with that fringe!

  17. Love the fringe on this dress! So fun.

  18. I am trying to imagine 25 woman in Metro fabrics at the same time. There had to have been overflow into the hall. Great dress. I love the fringe . I have been collecting pattern ideas that I can add fringe to.

    1. Everyone wasn't there at the same time and the wine 'n cheese was on a table in the hallway that at various times was quite crowded!

  19. I spied you dress on Instagram and loved it! Very nice!!!

  20. Ahhhh fringe!!! I love the fringe!! I want to do this. I love it on the simple shape, too. Very well done! And the night before, too. I'm so impressed.

  21. Great job - the fringe is such a great touch ! Hope to make it there Thanksgiving week

  22. Looks like a really great time! Wish I could have joined you all! Your dress is just TOO CUTE! Can't believe how quickly you made it!

  23. Thanks for hosting this fun event! I had a great time and have already begun sewing up my fall list! I didn't realize how quickly you had whipped up the dress you were wearing - nice work!! Thanks also to Kashi, Sonya (whose post I saw on IG), Nettie and Marcy!


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