Friday, August 30, 2019

End of August 2019

The end of August always brings mixed feelings. I know summer will be ending soon and the cold weather is coming. However, I try not to dwell on that so I can still enjoy the warm weather that will hang around until October.

My clothing needs change as the weather changes. Since it's been cooler this week, I've been thinking more about transitional garments especially since I'm off for five days for this Labor Day weekend. I do plan on spending that time fabric purchases and the last garments from my cut pile are stimulating my sewjo.

Okay lets get to this month's sewn garments update ~
Six new garments were made this month...five were blogged. I've carted the last maxi dress around just haven't been in the mood to have pictures taken yet.

This month I made:
- Two Simplicity 8871 - both maxi versions of the short woven dress
- Another Katie tunic
- Three Myosotis dresses
   All maxi versions - 1 w/short sleeves, 1 w/o sleeves & 1 totally hacked 
   (this one that has yet to make it to the blog)

Blue/White Myosotis during construction

My sewjo was in full effect and I filled a major hole in my summer wardrobe by adding 5 more maxi dresses to the closet. I'm currently working on the last maxi dress from my cut pile ~ a new pattern. One of my goals for this sewing weekend is to develop a new cut pile. This system seems to be working for me so I'm carrying it forward into fall.

Fabric In & Out Update ~
I broke my fabric fast when I went to Zooks last weekend and purchased 10 yards. I'm not upset that I purchased fabric especially since Zooks fabric doesn't last long in my fabric collection. The top two pieces are already slated to become shirts and will be cut this weekend.

I also purchased another 9 yards from Fabric Mart. A Milly print I'd drooled over for weeks was getting low at FM and a scarf type print. This scarf type print was one I've been searching for, so another fabric off my "must find" list.  Neither of these fabrics will be sewn soon but again I'm good with that.

Actual totals ~
August MTD In: 19 yards
August MTD Out: 2.25 yards

YTD In:  265
YTD Out: 210.75

I'm still 54.25 yards more in than out. Honestly though I'm good with this. I have no plans to fabric shop in the upcoming months. I'm looking forward to putting my summer fabric away and pulling out some transitional/fall pieces.

End of the Quarter Update ~
As I said earlier I am moving into transitional sewing. So here's a recap of all my summer sewing ~

I have sewn 17 garments since the end of May. I'm looking forward to sewing some tops and shirts to wear over my jeans. Yes, I will still be wearing my maxi dresses and skirts for the rest of September but I know colder weather is coming.

So I will be sewing some this weekend and I hope you get the chance to sew too! always more later! 


  1. Like you I'm into sewing transitional garments. Living in Austin, TX when the temps are still very hot I try to trick my mind and follow the old rule of putting away all white clothes after Labor Day. This gets me excited about sewing 'Fall like' colors so my pallet is darker, warm colored fabrics. Fall was and is my favorite season. I grew up in Missouri so I associate Fall with cool, crisp air filled with beautiful colored leaves so I love those colors and it suits my red hair. So, yes, I'm thrilled to get my sewing machine rolling. Thanks for keeping me inspired and sewing!

  2. Love the 2 fabrics that you got at Fabric Mart. Also that green maxi that you made is still my favorite. The fit is so great and you wear that color well. I still have more summer sewing to do even though it is an early fall (or so it seems) here in the Pacific Northwest. I have decided to sew what I love. There is plenty of time to make fall/winter garments. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You had a really productive August! I've taken up selecting a bundle of fabric, or a few pieces in one color family, and cutting out several things, after seeing your pile of "ready to sew" garments at Sew Camp. It does work well! I find that if I have a few minutes at the end of the day, I can do a little bit, and that feels good. I also made a couple of matching granddaughter skirts, and have a Grandma/Nora skirt pair cut and ready to sew one of these days.

    I hope you're enjoying a fabulous and productive 5 days of sewing, and that the weather stays perfect all weekend for you. Happy Labor Day, Carolyn!

  4. Very productive and I'm anxious to see what your cooler weather garments will be. I already transitioned my closet and found major holes! Let us know what you plan? Basics?

  5. I love all of your summer sewing!!! Each piece is beautiful, and your wardrobe looks great overall. I am excited to see what you choose for transitional wear.

  6. Wow! 17 garments in just a few months. Impressive and inspiring!


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