Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Simplicity 8871 ~ Number Two

I really liked the first Simplicity 8871 BUT there were a few things that I thought I could do better. Which meant I had to make it again...

I used another linen/cotton print from the batch I purchased from Fabric Mart. So a few details about this version.

I changed the following:
1. In the first one I used a 14" invisible zipper.  For this one I used a full 22" zipper so I can step into the dress.

2. I added 1/2" from the bustline down to the hemline.  I like the closer fit through the shoulders and bustline but wanted just a little more room in the rest of the body.

3. Originally I was going to close the slit up. I got an idea when I was cutting the dress out to add a small gathered ruffle to the bottom of the dress but towards the end of making the dress, I ditched the ruffle idea and left the slit in place.  

4. While I added piping to the neckline of the first one, I used purchased piping. I really loved the piping at the neckline but there wasn't any purple or lilac piping in my notions stash. 

5. So I made my own from the leftover fabric. The self fabric piping doesn't stand out like the piping does on the original dress. It does, however, finish the neckline and the armholes which is what I wanted.

6. I omitted the side seam pockets and did not add any to the front of the dress. This version is pocketless and I'm good with that.

Supply List ~
22" beige invisible zipper
4 yards of piping I made several years ago
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

Making the Piping ~
In my trying to "Make Do" I decided to make my own piping for this dress. I rambled through the collection and found some remaining piping I'd made & used on another project.

I cut bias binding from the fabric scraps to cover the premade piping.

Sewed the bias binding onto the piping.

Finished the neckline and armholes off with the piping.

Since I only sewed the bias binding onto the piping it was an easy make. 

A Few Pictures ~

I know I seem to have piping and border print fever since both techniques have appeared quite a bit in my summer sewing. I really like both of these techniques. I like manipulating the border prints and I like how piping adds a finishing touch to my garments. So I'm sure they will appear again on future garments.

So I learned a few things from making the alterations to this version. One the 1/2" on each side gave me 2" of ease making the dress a lot looser fitting throught the body than I thought it would be. I almost went back in and took some of the extra ease out but realized I needed a loose-fitting woven maxidress for the next humid and hot summer day...so I left it alone. Of course the next 90+ degree days are on the horizon so I'm glad I have this one ready to wear!

Next up is another Myosotis dress. I kinda went nuts cutting out versions of this pattern. This is the second to last version and most hacked one I've made.

...as always more later!


  1. Lovely dress and pretty fabric

  2. Very nice dress. The fabric is eyecatchinh.

  3. What is the product you used for your piping? I've always just covered cord. Thanks. The dress is beautiful and looks great on you. Hugs. Thank you for your blog, I always love reading it and seeing what you've made.

    1. Lorrie - this had a satin soutache cord covered in a poly that I then covered in the dress fabric.

    2. Thanks! It was hard to tell in the photo. Old eyes and all that - LOL

  4. Beautiful! The lady, the piping, and the dress :)

  5. I love the fabric! It made a beautiful dress. Your piping details are lovely.

  6. carolyn, you chose the perfect style for that fabric. you look great!--anne

  7. Lovely dress. Love reading your blog x

  8. Another nice creation! Your summer wardrobe is on point!

  9. I think this dress is lovely and you look wonderful in it. I'm going to try to make one like it

  10. Great dress! I JUST finished a Jennifer Lauren Vintage Quincy dress in the brown colorway of that fabric and was writing up a blog post to come out probably next week. It must have been sold out, because I DEFINITELY would have picked that color over the one I got.

    It never occurs to me to add piping to my garments, but I love it when I see other people do it. Your blog is so great for giving me inspiration.

  11. I love that you tell the changes you have made. I have been doing this but not much time to sew, so I cannot experiment as much as I would like. thanks for the insight.

  12. Wow!The dress is so beautiful. Amazing fabric, design, pattern and quality. Just loved every bit of it.

  13. I love how the matched piping finishes the neckline so neatly. Another pretty dress, Carolyn!


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