Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Lemons, Lemons and More Lemons

I've wanted a garment made from lemon fabric since lemon fabric started appearing on the scene. I'd tried unsuccessfully to purchase some but it always sold out before I got my act together. A couple of months ago I was able to score a cotton sateen lemon print from StyleMaker Fabrics. I knew when I purchased it that I wanted it to be a Myosotis Maxi.

I've made this dress several times now and consider it a TNT pattern.  So I have no new construction tips that haven't already appeared in another blog post. However, I do want to talk a little about why I own this Deer & Doe Pattern when their expanded size representation is weak. First, I own this one because I fit into the largest size with a couple of small tweeks. I didn't have to redraft any of the pattern pieces to fit me and I was able to purchase it as a paper pattern.

If I did not fit into those measurements, I wouldn't have bought or used this pattern. And no, I'm not actively promoting this pattern line because they do two things that I don't like.  One, the expanded sizes are only available as PDF patterns and two, the expanded sizing measurements are smaller, not typical plus size measurements.

Honestly, I'm lucky enough to be able to fit into the higher end of a lot of indie patterns. I don't purchase many of them because of their sizing and the fact that they're only available as PDF Patterns. Team Paper Pattern all the way!

Now with all that said, I've made some amazing Myosotis dresses. The Velvet Maxi and the Black Tie Maxi being my all-time favorites. However, my most worn one is the rayon print one made last year. It's the reason why I'm adding more Myosotis Maxis to my closet this summer.

Supply List ~
3 yards of cotton sateen lemon print from StyleMaker Fabrics
Yellow & White gingham accents from Fabric Mart
12 1/2" yellow buttons from M&J Trimmings
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoller

Design Changes ~
Besides the collar that's been added to almost all of the versions I've made, I also added piping to the collar and the front. This version is sleeveless and I added the button front band to the skirt. I also used the yellow gingham to add some amazing highlights to the inside of the dress.

For the pocket bags

Bias binding to finish the armholes
and for the under collar

For the inside collar band and front facings
plus close up of yellow buttons

I love being able to put my arms through the armholes instead of having to pull this over my head. I love how the buttons look marching down the front of the dress. And I love the fact that since the fabric is 54" wide, the gathering adds beautiful folds to the back and front of the dress' skirt.

A few pictures ~

Eyes closed thanking God this turned out so well!
Okay I was actually blinking but I love the shot anyway!

Look at those folds in the back...

Of the three I've made recently, I will admit this is my favorite. I'm sure I will wear it alot this summer and early fall. I'm so happy that I got to use my lemon fabric in such a great garment. Though honestly I want more and since I'm participating in #projectfabricfast, that's just not happening.  Well not now but maybe in the future! *wink wink*

I did a lot of sewing the last two weeks.  My sewjo was on full blast and I hunkered down in the sewing cave and took full advantage of it.  So there are a couple more new garments coming to the blog shortly. always more later!


  1. I love this! The piping and contrasting gingham are genius!I also really like the lemon motif on a darker background. Most of the lemon prints I've seen are on a white background but I prefer how the navy makes the yello pop. Great make!

  2. A beautiful dress, the lemons work so well on the dark background and the gingham accents are a lovely touch.

  3. Beautiful job, Carolyn. I'm a big lemon-print fan myself and I love this one!

  4. Love, love, love your dress!! It is beautiful and you look beautiful in it. Your finishing details with the yellow gingham are perfect. You are very inspiring to me.

  5. It's so bright and cheerful! Your yellow piping is a great accent, and the yellow gingham is a nice touch. You're making some awesome versions of this dress.

    I was away for 4 days last weekend, and so haven't sewn in almost 2 weeks. I'm itching to get back to my machines (6 projects cut and waiting....)

  6. so pretty and great use of the fabric. I made a dress last summer with that fabric and it's one of my favorites :)

  7. looks great, love the print, you inspire

  8. Okay so yet another beautiful creation from you!
    Love the lemons

  9. The gingham is fabulous. So pretty.

  10. Adore your pretty dress!!! The pop of yellow gingham, piping and buttons are perfect!!!! :)

  11. This is so beautiful, Carolyn! I saw Beth's (SunnyGal) dress of this fabric last year and coveted that fabric!! I, like you, had a hard time finding it (sold out everywhere!) until finally it was available at Now it's in my collection perhaps for a dress like this. Thanks for your comments concerning sizing by Deer & Doe (and others). I'm definitely Team Paper Pattern too!

  12. Love, love, love!!! I especially like the details you created with the gingham! Such a boss move!

  13. Fab fabric, love the gingham trims. I like the Myosotis pattern but was disappointed with the sizing

  14. This dress is just seriously all that! The special touches you added just put it right over the top - in a great way! I love this dress. g

  15. This is a great make. I am in love with the gingham details. Your edge finishes remind me to slow down and do it right. Thanks for the inspiration, now onto a glass of lemonade.

  16. Such a happy print! And I love the yellow gingham touches. Inspirational!!!

  17. Beautiful dress, you always add something special. I love!

  18. As far as I'm concerned, the piping MAKES the dress.

  19. Wow, what a gorgeous fabric and pattern on you. This is a 200% winner especially with the details that change it up. Wear this often dear sewest!


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