Saturday, August 17, 2019

A Zooks Katie

This is my second Katie make of the summer. It is seriously one of my most comfortable summer garments. I wear this one all.the.time and everywhere! I wear it so much that I have to remind myself NOT to reach for it. So it became apparent that I needed another one like it because I love the combination of the tunic with a pair of knit capris.

The thing is that I wanted a lighter color version to wear with white capris or white jeans. Luckily I had 4 yards of this shirting cotton recently purchased from Zooks during Sew Camp.

Supply List ~
Blue & white quilting cotton from Zooks
White linen from the collection via Fabric Mart - this is stash fabric
10 5/8" white mother of pearl buttons
Interfacing from Steinlauf & Stoeller

Sewing Info ~
Since the fabric was only 45" wide I didn't cut the back piece on the fold because the pattern piece did not fit. This version now has a back seam as does the back facing. Although you can't tell its seamed because the print is so busy.

I imitated the black version by using white linen for the front bands, collar and under collar. My change to this top is the sleeves. It was a simple change to make.

1. The sleeve was folded in half, pressed and cut in half.
2. Both side seams were serged finished.
3. Then I sewed 4" from the cap down. 
4. The rest of the seam was pressed open and topstitched.
5. A band was cut 4" wide and 16" long from the white linen
6. The band was then sewn to the sleeve at the openings and pressed flat.
7. Next a 3/8" seam was pressed to the unsewn band side.
8. The band was pressed in half and topstitched down to the top of the seam - enclosing the band seam.
9. The entire band was topstitched, closing in the pressed 3/8" seam allowances.

There are no other changes made to this version of The Katie Dress.

A Few Pictures ~

This will be my last Katie for the summer. I still have a few other patterns I want to squeeze in and sew before the weather turns...and more garments in my cut pile that need to be completed.  So look for more garments coming to the blog soon! always more later!


  1. Nice, cheerful colors in that dress! You've found a couple of styles you really love this summer!

  2. I just found your blog and it is refreshing to see another body positive gramma in the plus size category inspiring me to dress better and sew more of my own clothes(I am a quilter). Keep it up!

    1. Laura - thank you! Representation is important and I'm glad my creations are encouraging you to sew your own!

  3. You are actually "cooling" to look at on a hot summer day! Lovely color and fabric choice, awesome on you.

    1. Bunny - it actually was dreamed up during our last run of our over 90 degree weather. I wanted something airy and cool. So glad it comes across that way!

  4. Very nice! The sleeve detail and highlo hemline make this dress special. I also like how you styled it.

  5. How are the bows on the sleeves working for you? I love this idea (the endlessly adjustable bicep) but do they flop around and distract? Cause if they don't for you, they probably won't for me (us who work at desks mostly).

    Also very pretty on you.

    1. SJ - I cut the ties so that they wouldn't flap. I know what you mean about the distraction so that was definitely a consideration when making the ties.

  6. I have been admiring this Katie dress ever since you sewed it. Like you, I am Team Paper Pattern. I bought this PDF pattern that was included in a digital Sew Sew Def issue. I printed it out and now the taping begins. I will look closely at your posts to get all the helpful hints. Thanks for sharing all your sewing journeys with us.

  7. Love the way this looks on you. The blue print with the white accents - so pretty. And the checkered sneakers make me smile.


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