Sunday, December 08, 2019

My Sewing Top 5 Hits for 2019

Gillian and The Sewcialists are hosting the 2019 Top Sewing Hits, Misses and Reflections this year.

I thought I would participate again since this is a good way to review my sewing for the year. I definitely started off strong and made quite a few garments.

Here are my favorite Top 5 Garments ~

1. The Deer & Doe Myosotis Evening Dress
This dress was part of the garments I made when my family attended my niece's Debutante Ball. If you followed along at the time, you know this dress came about because I didn't have enough fabric for what I wanted to make. It's a deep stash make that I'm really proud I was able to pull off.

2. McCalls 7858 - Aleena & Samantha's Dresses for the Ball
Making my granddaughter's dresses in their favorite colors for the ball, was a thrill and an honor. I'm glad that I've gained their confidence at such a young age so I will be allowed to make their special occasion dresses going forward. I documented the entire process on Instagram and in the respective blog posts.

3. Hydrangea Panel Print Shirt
I didn't think I would love shirtmaking as much as I do. The things I love about it are the complexity of sewing a shirt, the diversity of fabric choices and the ability to embellish as I please.  This shirt is made from a quilting fabric panel I purchased from an Amish fabric shop, Zooks, in Lancaster PA. It's the cumulation of all the skills I've learned from sewing shirts in the last 2.5 years.

4. Marrimekko Vogue 9371
This was my second version of this dress. I made a couple of alterations to the pattern to make it exactly what I wanted.  However, the stand out points to me are the fact that it's made from a sheet that I've had on the fabric shelves for over a decade. It's also a compliment getting dress and I love the swishiness of all that fabric at the hemline. 

5. Lemon Myosotis Dress
I'd been wanting a garment made from this fabric so when I was finally able to get my hands on some, it seemed only fitting that it should become my favorite summer maxi. Yes, I hacked the mess out of the Myosotis this summer and in the process ended up with some of the most wearable maxis I've ever made.

...and an Honorable Mention!

The Madison Cardigan by Style Sew Me
One of the things I've been able to explore now that I'm no longer in Corporate America is a little drama.  To me this cardigan with the pleather binding brought the drama. I'd like to add another one to my wardrobe in the spring in a lightweight sweater knit to throw on over my jeans and a top.

Even though I had a slow start at the beginning of the year (all those crocheted blankets) the spring, summer and early fall brought some wonderful garments to my wardrobe. Garments that bought much joy to create and wear.  Next up will be the "Misses of 2019!" always more later!


  1. I do love that cardigan, it just flows so beautifully and all your other creations too.

  2. Wow, Ms. Carolyn. Well done. All are absolutely beautiful. This post is certainly inspiring. Just reading about your shirt made me think about the five shirts I have cut out that NEED to be sewn. Your grand daughter's dresses are so adorable. You'll get a lot of requests from them. ;-) Your maxi dress collection has some serious "character". All three dresses are talking pieces. And I'm sure you received tons of compliments. Finally, your Madison cardigan is trending, but classic too. Fabulous showing of your 2019 fashion sewing hit.

  3. I feel like you've finally hit your stride this year with your sewing. You know exactly what you want to make and how to make it happen to be trendy cool Carolyn! I love the maxi's and am inspired to add more shirts and maxis to my closet! but that vest - total scene stopper! g

  4. I love the cardigan with the pleather sleeves and trim!

  5. You continue to impress me with the garments you sew. Thank you for your inspiration after all of these years. Have another successful year in 2020.

  6. Everything you make is beautiful!

  7. You have had quite the year, and these are just some of the wonderful things you've shared. I have to admit I reacted similarly to each photo: OH YEAH! Specifically about your granddaughters' relationship with you going forward: there's something secret and special about that promise, that future, I just have to add a bigger OHHHHHH YEAAAAAH. Love it

  8. Great job on all of these & look forward to your creations in 2020!

  9. Oh those dresses for your grand-daughters are as beautiful as their smiles. All your projects are well done.


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