Wednesday, February 10, 2021

A Dover for Winter

When I was putting fabric away in September 2020, I touched this gray jacquard and thought it would be wonderful as a Myosotis maxi.  I mean I'm working from home this winter so I can pretty much wear whatever I want. I seem to reach for my maxi dresses the most.  They're comfortable, easy to wear and since I'm not really a pants girl, perfect for me and working from home.

However, when I went to prep it, it told me that it wanted to be something totally different. I thought a Dover Duster would be perfect and checked to make sure I had enough fabric. Luckily I did.

Materials ~
3 yards stretch jacquard from Fabric Mart via the collection
(Y'all better get used to me saying that because I'm committed to sewing from the collection more in 2021!)

11 3/4" black & clear buttons from the collection

7 yards black binding purchased from Bessie Pearl Textiles on IG for this project

Construction ~
There are no new construction techniques in this version. Although I feel like I didn't have enough fabric to lengthen this the additional 2" it needed for a hem. It's part of the reason I added the binding to the front and then decided to leave it off the hemline.  Though I think that was more from project fatigue!  I've used this pattern four times as a jacket and once as a maxidress. This version will work as a jacket and a maxidress.

A Few Photos ~

Worn with a turtleneck and black denim leggings...

...and then as a dress with a turtleneck under it

I will probably use this pattern for another maxidress in a softer fabric when spring arrives. I love the original one and would like a couple more to add to my maxi dress collection. always more later!


  1. I love this. It is perfect for WFH. And, will be great when we start going out again.

  2. Nice duster, but I love how inventive you are being with the photos. Hope that means you are feeling good

  3. Its gorgeous. I love everything you make. Gertrude is being assembled today and I purchased gorgeous knits from a fabric shop which has stock from the garment district in nyc.

  4. love this garment and the fabric you made it from, they are perfect together. Good to see your smile again. Hope you continue to feel better.

  5. This is beautiful and looks terrific on you!

  6. I love that you used this great pattern again. Each time you showcase the Myosostis it becomes a new creation. I am now seriously considering buying this pattern. You have me convinced that I do need a new pattern. I even have the perfect piece in my stash to get it done. Thanks, Pegeth

  7. oops, Carolyn, I was so dazzled by the fabric that I totally misread the dover line. That's what comes of tV on and the mate going out the door saying bye. I need a new robe duster and was thinking that a dress could be used and thus!! I read Myosostis as you never fail to create a grerat one. I will now consider the Dover as it look like what I need for my now life at home. I wear leggings and turtle necks so I am always looking for something to cover the midsection to topps of knees as that is the area in need of warmth. Again thanks

  8. What a stunning jacket! The jacquard is so pretty!

  9. You look good, are you feeling?

    1. Liz - I'm feeling better than I have in the last 18 months. 2020 was really a horrible year for me healthwise. I'd started to have problems late 2019 but didn't realize it was probably related to the gynecological issues. Glad to be passed it with a clean bill of health and to be sewing again! Thanks for asking!

  10. Great to hear better health has returned. I bet your duster is so warm and comfy. If I remember right your sewing spot was either warm or cold. I hope your duster suits the temp issues just right. Take care and enjoy your health and sewjo return.


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