Sunday, April 30, 2006

Its a skirts, skirts, skirts weekend!

As I stated before, I have recently purchased so much fabric that I was having issues on where to start sewing. There are just piles of it laying around my sewing area. At first I thought I would tag it all and put it away, but that would take up precious sewing time. Then I thought, I would just start working on something and leave the clean-up until later, but there is so much fabric in the room singing that I can't think straight. So the next best solution is just to move the offending fabrics for now to another space and get to work on what remains.

Well it is interesting moving fabric because you always see something differently than when you first stacked it up. I had no idea regarding what I was going to sew this weekend, just that I am going to sew. As I moved fabric around I realized that I have purchased many small pieces of fabrics to use to make skirts. I have several great TNT skirt patterns and I have all of the necessary notions to get these made ~ so skirts it is! The weather is perfect now for wearing them. I have several great twinsets that will work with the pieces selected so that I don't have to make entire outfits. I can just sew skirts. I got a fantastic pair of new shoes from the shoe sale at Lord & Taylor's yesterday that will look great with the pieces I have selected so I have compelling reasons to start there!

Here are the fabrics that are demanding to become garments:

~ green/white poly knit that has a 70's retro feel

~ floral linen print that was recently purchased in San Francisco. Wow, this one is not even making it to the fabric closet!

~ daisy print polyester fabric purchased from Vogue Fabrics

~ pink floral stretch cotton fabric also purchased from Vogue Fabrics

and these last two are a toss up and will be worked on depending on how much time I have left:

~ yellow/white seersucker given to me by a friend

~ blue/white floral cotton print purchased from eQuilter last year that will have blue piping around the hem of the skirt.

Well there is my list and I am off to sew! I will, of course, report back when I am finished!


  1. oh I'd love to see pictures of your great fabrics :)

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