Monday, May 01, 2006

Skirts, skirts, skirts ~ Part 2

Well I managed to get four skirts completed. They aren't the skirts I originally contemplated making and I have fabric for three more laying on my cutting table. But it is three pieces of fabric that are no longer in flat form and are now garments!

I was inspired by a skirt that I saw in the spring JJill catalog ~ a simple linen skirt with an elastic waist that is selling for $68 and it doesn't come in a plus size!

And here is a picture of my finished skirts:

From left to right:

1. Pink/blk/gray floral print stretch woven made with a white trim down the front of each gore.

2. Green retros 70's polyester print - close up of the fabric below. I really like this piece. It was given to me by a friend from their aunt's stash.

3. Blue/lime green circles on white background linen print that I have extra left over. So I am working with some lace and the leftover fabric to make a tank top.

4. Skirt from "Cashmere Dreams Collection." Picture of topstitching on skirt pictured below. This topstitching is on each gore of the skirt and the skirt is lined.

These skirts are made from two of my TNT skirt patterns ~ actually one skirt pattern that I have morphed from the original by shortening it, adding gores to the skirt and widening each gore to give the skirt more swing. This skirt worn with a twinset is the perfect outfit for work and a staple in my work wardrobe.

I managed to accomplish my goal for the weekend ~ four new skirts to wear to work this week! And three pieces of fabric removed from the fabric pile...wish this made a big dent in the collection but it isn't even noticeable! *smile*

So did you have a sewing goal for the weekend? Did you accomplish it or are you still working it out? Do you even set sewing goals or do you just go with the flow? I would love to hear about your sewing processes so feel free to share!


  1. I didn't do much sewing this weekend but I received my first order from Emma One Sock! Internet fabric is the best! I bought a beautiful buttermilk and can not believe the quality. The fabric, along with the wonderful folks who post about their projects gives me inspiration. Thanks Marie! Enjoy your journey. Melissa

  2. Lovely skirts, Carolyn! What fun to set a goal and meet it.

    I don't know that I set goals, so much as I have deadlines. Right now, I have some costuming that has to be done by Saturday; choir clothes I need by the weekend at the latest...

    I am looking forward to having the 'crisis' sewing done so I can get back to setting goals!

  3. The skirts are lovely!

  4. Those are beautiful skirts - I especially love the polka dot one!

    I don't get to do much sewing on the weekends right now - my daughter just has too many activities going on to get much of anything done!

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