Monday, June 26, 2006

Recharging my sewing batteries

I have been on a sewing frenzy for the last few weeks! Sewing anything and everything that moved, but I think this last project sucked the last little bit of juice out of my sewing batteries. Now I need to take some time, sit still and let my sewing batteries recharge.

You can tell my batteries need recharging when even fabric emails don't bring a spark to the creative sewing spirit in me. Yeap, it's time to find a good book and curl up and read. Or watch some of the movies that Netflix has been so conveniently leaving in my mailbox...something, anything to just let my sewing mojo rest.

And maybe in a few days, when I am fully rested and recharged I will pick up where I left off ~ creating caviar dreams and champagne wishes in my clothing. *smile* And sharing them all with you!

So here is my question of the day? How do you recharge your sewing batteries? Do you have a tried and true method ~ wanna share? Or do you even realize that your sewing batteries are low and need a recharge? Has life totally encompassed you and shut down your sewing voice? Hey, I'm interested! Why don't you let me know how you handle recharging your sewing batteries!


  1. Oh, that happens to me once in awhile. If I still have a little of "the feeling" left in me I might read a sewing-related book or clean my sewing room. But, you know, sometimes you just need to do something non-sewing-related. I think that's especially hard for those of us who feel the need to be productive all the time. Make some lemonade, put on a big hat and sit outside with a good book! Or curl up on the couch with a Mimosa, some cheese and crackers and a couple of great movies. Even better if there are great clothes in the movies!

  2. That has happened to me with knitting. I finally found a project that I may be interested in. It's just a slump, it'll pass.

  3. I definitely go through cycles with all of my hobbies. I think our interests grow and change all the time, and sometimes you have to give in to the rhythm of it.

    Oh, and I tend to buy a lot of fabric when I'm not sewing. When at last I get the urge to make something, I have a few new things to play with.

  4. Like Gigi, I start cleaning my sewing room. That often gets me thinking of things I had pushed to the bottom of the list. I also use these times to make sure I'm keeping my sewing notebook up to date with project info, swatches, etc. If that doesn't do it, read a sewing book, knit for a while or bead or something. (When things are really bad, I might even bake something!) It's always a mistake to push it though, and start a new project when you really aren't on top of your game. You'll wish you had waited. (The voice of sad experience, here!) :)

  5. Carolyn, I have been thinking about this all morning, since reading you before work. Currently, for me it's the dreaded home dec project. I just don't want to do it! I have other things I want - they are screaming my name. Oh, the irony of it all. Thanks again for a thought provoking blog.

  6. I'm on a sewing high right now but a knitting slump. I know that it will move the other way sooner or later.

    I don't push it. I just go with whatever muse is yelling at me at the time.

  7. I really can't say what I do...there's always so many things backed up because I'm sewing instead of (balancing the budget, scrubbing the floor, cleaning out the closets, weeding the flower beds, etc etc etc) that I can just do what Gigi suggests and be busy elsewhere. I know the sewing urge will be back shortly; meantime, I can relieve a little guilt in other areas... :)

  8. I usually rent a few videos or veg-out in front of the TV.You know,go with the flow.Sometimes I motivate myself to sew by purchasing "InStyle,Lucky,Figure,Essence,or Elle magazine.There is usually always something on those pages that get me sewing.

  9. Greetings, Carolyn: I am a new viewer to your blog, and I LOVE IT.....I LOVE the way you adore fabrics, love patterns, joyfully speak of marrying the two, and use your creative skills in adding the right trims, buttons, and other touches!

    May I ask HOW do you get all this done? I know you have a family and a job (from reading previous posts). Do you have a real sewing room? How do you balance family and work so as to have time to sew?

    Sigh. I am so envious. I get soo caught up in what I "don't" have that I haven't been able to sew a stitch in months.

    Thanks again for having your blog!


  10. When I feel I'm running out of juice, I walk away. What I try to do is to carefully pack everything where it belongs (WIPs in a box with their notions and pattern, cloth back in the nice storage bins, etc), but reality usually hits before the tidying does.

    But, when I've done something else for a while (crochet, knit, hike, garden, cook...), then I go in and start to organize and *bam* the fabric sings to me and lulls me back to sewing.

  11. I normally recognize immediately that I have hit a sewing slump. I have learned to accept it, for some reason, I agonized over not sewing. I think I finally realized my mind needed a break. I usually read daily, so when slump hits I just read more. I also decide that the dust bunnies have multiplied threefold and I haven't dusted/cleaned in a long while because I have been sewing. Thus I clean. Sometimes I just watch TV, thumb through magazines, etc. Next thing I know, batteries are recharged and I am back in the sewing room getting ready for the next round of projects.


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