Saturday, March 10, 2007

It's Show and Tell Time!

I usually don't start sewing on Saturdays until late Saturday afternoon or evening. And this is a new thing for me because before I started this new job I would get up early on Saturday morning, read some sewing things and head off to sew. Because of my new, more all-encompassing job, I rarely read blogs at work and it has to be a really slow day for me to head over to Stitcher's Guild and read. Which means that now I get up early on Saturdays and spend hours catching up on all the sewing blogs, fabric sites and Stitchers' Guild. So I am really amazed when I hear or get comments like I produce quite a few garments so quickly...because in my mind I always think I could be producing so much more....But that is all an aside...what I am posting about today are the lovely fabrics that I copped from Kashi & Metro Textile.

First a group shot:

Next up ~ the black 'n white cotton with the embroidered edge. I know exactly what I am doing with this one...Sewing Workshop Mission Tank! It will look so great with all the black linen pieces that I already have in my wardrobe.

This silky cotton print will become - Simplicity 9693.

A cute button front top to appear under the ubiquitous black summer suit that I will need for corporate meetings.

Now this is what I traveled to Metro Textiles for ~ eyelets! The HOT, HOT, HOT! fabric for this spring/summer season. Ann described the brown eyelet to me at lunch and of course I drooled...right there at the table, thank God napkins were handy! I picked up these two which of course coordinate...there are so many possibilities jumping out at me every time I handle these!

This tweedy blue with gold embroidery just took my breath Kashi wrapped it around my body and cut! This will become a skirt this weekend. It just can't linger around, it needs to be worn right away...and the weather is cooperating! The temperatures will be in the '50's and even the '60s by the middle of the week...skirt and dress weather, yes!

I have a little more sewing reading to do and to try to talk myself out of the *mumble-mumble* yards that I saw at Fashion Fabrics Club and want. Maybe I should stop clicking on those links in the emails.... But I might make it, well at least past the weekend, Thursday is pay day and the sale is on for two weeks....anyway the reason I made it past today is because I got this at QVC...I really like this line of bags...they work so well for all the things I need to cart daily to and from NYC and they have a classic kinda styling. I have two that I bought from a local handbag shop in NYC and can't believe that they are now on QVC.

Well I am off...gotta work on those two SWAP dresses that are so close to being finished that I can taste them...and this is a good dress wearing week so I am inspired to complete them! Never mind that the SWAP deadline is in 5 weeks!


  1. Girl, you did well! I like them all but I absolutely love the black and white polka dot and the blue with gold embroidery.

    If you ever decide you don't want those two, you know who to contact...!

  2. The brown eyelet is TDF!! I sure do wish I could have joined you all for lunch and fabric. Maybe someday... (mumbled wistfully)

  3. Gee Carolyn, I just posted three of the same fabrics on my blog....

    Great minds and all that, but the garments are going to be totally different.

    Can't wait to see yours!

  4. The black/white with the beautiful border is my favorite!

  5. You have exquisite taste in fabric! I especially love the black/white cotton and the embroidered blue piece.

  6. You guys know that you can call Kashi and he will send you any fabric that you see here! You don't necessarily need to be in NYC to get these wonderful pieces.

  7. Those fabrics are fabulous. Do you know that I only this month realized that FashionFabricsClub is right here in my backyard. I was in there this week, and Carolyn, who works there, said "do you know how much this would be a EFF?" I replied, Yes, I teach there" and she said, "I know, I recognize you" - boy did I feel stupid. But anyway, the sheer amount of fabric they have is extraordinary. What pieces are you looking at? I have to go back Monday to pick up the chiffon for the maternity formal I'm making for a client. I'll check out in person what you're looking at and let you know if they're as fab in real life as on the net.

  8. I like the dots with the embroidered border very much!! Really lovely. All your fabric will make gorgeous garments!

  9. To cmarie,mardel,ann,liana,gigi et al: I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your busy lives to sit and type out your thoughts and endeavors concerning sewing. I was just reflecting on how isolated I used to feel. Sitting alone and sewing is a rather singular activity. Now, however, if I need a bit of inspiration or a suggestion for a sewing application or just a laugh, the camaraderie of your wonderful blog postings are just a click away. Reading about your fabric shopping trips (cmaries' in nyc, mardels' in tucson and so forth) makes me feel like I'm right there with you, and I am, in spirit.The internet is a truly marvelous thing, isn't it? So again, thanks.

  10. Carolyn, link to your bag is not working. I am so curious can you post a photo?

    I love the brown eyelet. You are right that is a hot fabric now. What is Kashi's phone #, seriously, I want brown eyelet too! I don't care for white which is all I see. Can't even find eyelet locally!

  11. Oh I had not read far enough and saw the Metro Pass with the number!!!! Yes.

  12. Carolyn, I love your blog. I also sew and blog and post sewing tips and techniques. Come visit sometime and keep on cutting stuff up!

  13. I love, love, love the brown eyelet as well. I can see that in a beautiful skirt to go with my whites, pinks, pear greens, and aqua that I've chosen for colors this year. Awesome! Can't wait to see the finished goods.

  14. Oh Carolyn, I have just read this and the previous post. Like others I am so ENVIOUS! But I did pick up a $3 remnant from a designer's excess shop last week - enough for a skirt.

    I am also glad to hear that eyelet will still be around, since I didn't get around to making up my brown eyelet this summer. I am ready for autumn sewing now....

  15. I love that polka dot border print. Mardel and I both bought it when I was down there. And I made a dress from the floral eyelet last summer. I just love it! I have the brown eyelet, and the black and white cotton. Gawd I just love that man! Your score was great!


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