Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lunch with friends, $120 and my Metro Pass...

Today was an eventful day for me. I had lunch with two wonderful sewing women, Ann of Gorgeous Things and Mardel of Sewdistracted. They were in the city to fabric shop and graciously met me near my job on the Upper Westside for lunch. It was a fantastic hour of gabbing about fabric, sewing, fitting and fabric, sewing, fitting and blogs! The hour went by much too quickly for me and I hated parting from them especially knowing that they were headed for Metro Textiles! I was a block away from my job when I realized that I had forgotten to get a picture of us to memorialize the luncheon....*duh!*

Then I get back to work and I have an email from a sewing diva, Marybeth from The Stitchery. Marybeth had previously emailed me that she was coming to New York, but she did it under her government name. I kindly replied to her inquiries about meeting up...hey I will meet anyone for fabric shopping and the Ralph Rucci exhibit but we weren't able to synch our calendars. It wasn't until I was reading Marybeth's blog this weekend that I put two and two together and then I was really disappointed that we hadn't been able to get together!

The third thing was that once Ann & Mardel arrived at Metro Textiles, Ann called me about the goodies Kashi had. Now I know that a sistah said she wasn't buying anymore fabric for several fortnights. Well a sistah lied! Down and dirty lied! Ann starts going on about the goodies and I have Kashi set a few pieces aside. Then the man did the unthinkable...he waited for me to get off work and come by. Now if that isn't customer service I don't know what is??? So in the cab over...notice I didn't even take the subway...I tell myself that I will only buy the two pieces that he is holding and nothing more...yeah right! I walked out of Kashi's spot 30 minutes later with a big bag containing five pieces of amazing fabric and I left behind three pieces because I do need to be able to eat lunch until I get paid again!!!! This is what I got:
1.5 yards of black cotton with white polka dots that has an embroidered border

2 yards of a black/white floral cotton that is so silky to the touch

2 yards of a tweedy teal fabric with an embroidered edge (ready to be made into a skirt!)

4 yards of a chocolate brown cotton eyelet

4 yards of this amazing floral print that is also an eyelet in magentas and browns

We are not even going to discuss how many more yards of fabric this adds to my collection! We are just going to rejoice in the how does that Mastercard commercial go:

Lunch with the girls - $40
Fabric from Metro Textiles - $120
Feeling unpacking the fabric and remembering the day - priceless!

And for the final part of my title, I am flashing my Metro Textiles Pass! Marybeth put a copy of Kashi's business card on her site so I am adding a copy of one to mine! And if you have one flash your Metro Pass!

The day was one of those memorable days ~ priceless, totally priceless!


  1. OMG, I am GREEN with envy! You lucky girl! I love Kashi's new place, it looks like he has a lot more space for tempting goodies.

  2. Man! you used the mastercard line...."priceless"..yes its true good times with friends are indeed priceless. It's great to know that you had such fun time. Do drop by my blog too for some real good time and share your views about friends and friendship.

  3. In my book that was a PERFECT day!

  4. What a fantastic day! I hope you snap some photos of your new fabrics, I can't wait to see them.

  5. Great minds think alike (and our $ clinks alike as well)...I came away with the same 3 fabrics you first listed :) Not only will we need to coordinate our meet-up we will have to coordinate our wardrobe! Can't wait to see what you do with the fabrics....

  6. I am so jealous! What a fabulous lunch - sewing buddies and gorgeous fabrics. I can't wait to see the fabrics you have and I must, must, must plan a trip to New York just to fabric shop (and become a member of the flash your Metro Pass club.

  7. I'll jump on the "I'm jealous" bandwagon! What fun day!

    One day, I will have to make it to one of these stores that have nothing but aisles and aisles and shelves and shelves of nothing but beatiful fabrics!!!

    Until then, I'll just drool on my keyboard ;)

  8. Hi,
    I linked into your blog, I don't know how, but I'm sure glad I found you. As a novice seamstress your blog is refreshing and exciting to boot. I work within the garment district and often still feel so overwhelmed. It's blogs like yours that keep me excited and wanting to learn how to sew. So, if you don't mind, I'll be here reading, and maybe one day soon I will be able to post my gorgeous creations.

  9. Oooh Carolyn!!I'm jealous too. Fabric! Friends! Fun! Oh my! Wish I could've been there,it looks like a great place to shop for fabrics.

  10. Congrats on such a great day! Lunch with a diva, personal customer service from Kashi and the fabric to boot!

    I must get myself to NYC this summer. Now, what could I bribe mother in-law with so that she'd take the kids for a long day? Hmmm . . .

  11. Kashi's new place looks fantastic. All that floor space just waiting to be filled with rolls of fabric.... If you have some free time between May 15 and May 20, I'd love to buy you a cup of coffee - or other beverage of your choice....

  12. Holy Moly!! I had to come out of lurking to tell you that I read your blog every day... get impatient when there are no new posts... I am also on the upper west side!! You do amazingly beautiful work and I hope to one day accumulate skills like yours.

  13. More green-eyed envy here! There's nothing like lunch with sewing buddies to brighten your week. And that Kashi sounds just darlin'. His place will be a must-see on the next trip to NYC!

  14. OMGawd, I SOOOO live in the wrong state. So, add to the priceless tagline someday: Cost to fly across the United States and meet sewing ladies and buy fabric...

    I notice in that photo of Kashi's store it looks like more of that blue/green swirl that Ann had on her site. :)

    What a totally fun day for you.

  15. Green with envy doesn't even describe it! I knew Mardel was headed into NYC, but she didn't mention she was catching up with you and Ann.


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