Saturday, March 24, 2007

Staggering towards the finish line

The SWAP finish line that is....

Why is it that when you have a deadline everything seems to go wrong or you get these gradiose ideas which also causes everything to go wrong....

First - my sewing machine needs to go in the shop. It was making a knocking noise but sewing a straight stitch well enough and probably well enough for me to finish my SWAP pieces. But I got the great idea to embellish the red wool crepe so that my TNT short sleeve dress would have some umph...not heavy embellishment...just some double-needle pintucks. Okay, I admit that I am pintucking the entire piece of fabric but my machine should have held up through that....NOT!

Second - frustration set in last Sunday evening as I realized that an entire weekend was going to pass without me completing another garment on my SWAP and the deadline was looming. I was pretty moody at work on Monday because I would have much rather been at my sewing machine....

Third - inspiration from another source - Hotpatterns decides to put out a new collection. Now I have never purchased a Hotpatterns pattern - though the designs are inspiring I had been put off by the sewing challenges. However this pattern really started me thinking:

credits -

Then I make the mistake of informing my internet buddies that I "like" the pattern and the ideas start flowing hot and heavy. Does any of this idea sharing encourage me to continue my SWAP sewing....Noooooo! Instead I have to keep repeating over and over again that I still have SWAP sewing to do.

Fourth - a box of beautiful knit fabrics arrive from FabricMart, the weather is starting to turn warm and I am sewing fall items....need I say more!

So today I pulled out the old Viking, set it up and it is making pintucks like a whiz, and I am staggering towards the SWAP finish line.

Wish me luck! Because I still have SWAP sewing to do!


  1. Keep the focus - you are almost there! Then yo can reward yourself with that great new pattern! (easy for me to say, I'm not in the SWAP)

  2. Old Viking to the rescue! The red dress sounds fabulous, canly hardly wait to se the all over pintucking: I love the idea. Swap will be over soon!

  3. Hope you get it finished in time!!!

  4. I think you can, I think you can, I think you can...

  5. Keep sewing the're almost there! Just think of how happy you'll be next fall when you have an incredibly knock-out, completely coordinated wardrobe to wear.

    Would love to hear some of the ideas that are spilling forth regarding the HP pattern (hint, hint).

  6. Good luck! You'll make it. I can totally relate to not wanting to be at work but home sewing instead. Boy, can I! Can't wait to see what the pintucks look like.

  7. Good luck! Now, go get sewing and finish!

  8. You can do it, easy, no problem. Besides you know you're near the finish line when your sm starts crappin' out. I too would like to know all the great ideas springing from the new HP pattern. I have that one as well. You'll share after you finish sewing that SWAP, right?


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