Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Marfy Virgin

I have admired Marfy patterns for years....and for years I have faithfully purchased the catalogs from the newsstands in NYC - never thinking about purchasing a pattern - only using the catalogs for inspiration in my sewing.

However, there has been an explosion of Marfy pattern making on the sewing boards. All of it inspiring...all of it challenging...most of it intimidating! For several seasons I have had what I claimed was a legitimate reason not to accept the challenge of a Marfy pattern..."They don't come in my size." Now this is not to say Marfy doesn't make plus size patterns, but the really kewl patterns - like the one on the cover or in the first few pages of the catalogue - aren't in the plus size range. I like the detailing on the kewl skinny patterns, the slim fit, the play with color that is lacking in their plus size offerings. So I admired these patterns from the sidelines and just borrowed liberally from their amazing details for my own clothing.

Lately I have become enamoured with this Marfy pattern: F1313

I can just see this lovely dress made up in a pretty spring colored linen with some awesome RiRi zippers and then all of that pretty topstitching setting the dress off. I have drooled at this dress all over the internet - on blogs, at the Marfy website, at the Vogue Pattern website. I even wrote a blurb on Phyllis blog about how I loved the dress but it didn't come in a plus size. Over the weekend, as I was drooling over my catalogue yet again, and noticed something that I hadn't seen before...this pattern goes up to a size 54. I can work with that. I am sure I am going to have to do some alterations but I can work with this. So I took the plunge. I ordered the pattern from Vogue's pattern site. Usually when I order something from the internet I am anxiously awaiting the mailman. But mostly I just feel like a virgin on her wedding night, scared of the unknown, wondering if I can go through with it and yet eager to begin. So I will let you know when it arrives and I will walk you through my process.

But for now back to swapping....


  1. I'll take you up on your issued challenge of a jacket - if you take on this one! You ascared of a little pattern - come on! You're braver than that!


  2. I'm anxious to hear how it goes - I've never tried marfy either!

  3. Carolyn, I know you're going to love Marfy patterns! This is a great dress, and you'll have another unique garment when you're done.

  4. Carolyn
    Lovely dress but you might want to play around with the sleeve length as it ends at exactly the widest part of the bust which I don't think is flattering. Any colours in mind?

  5. Good for you Carolyn. I will join you too. I succumbed to the lure as well. I ordered two catalogues and a jacket pattern directly from Marfy. I am at the other end and the smallest size would appear to be one size too large - but they are sooooooooo gorgeous!

  6. I have longed wistfully for a Marfy pattern (or twelve) myself. But, I have the same problem as Vicki - the smallest size is about 1 size too large. Considering how many hundreds of patterns I have that are actually in my size - I haven't taken the plunge into ordering and altering a Marfy...yet.

    I look forward to "back seat driving" along with you on this adventure. Hope you don't mind me living vicariously through you!

  7. Here's wishing you good luck! Although I'm sure you will do well with it. :)

  8. Oh, Carolyn, I, too, have been lusting after the Marfy patterns but I have been too much of a scaredy-cat to try them. The "advanced sewing" part is what scares me. I've been a nice advanced intermediate for so long, I don't know if I can handle joining the advanced ranks!

    Good luck!

  9. Hi Carolyn -- I am such a nudnik that I didn't know about Marfy patterns and now I am stunned at how original and interesting all the designs are. My guess (for Julie) is that the "advanced sewing" part refers to the fact that they don't include instructions so you have to know what to do already. But that makes me nervous -- the pictures on the web are very incomplete, and the designs have obvious complexities (draped sections, complex pockets and piecing, some designs where the bodice seems almost braided together). So, Carolyn, I hope you will tell us if there are enough illustrations with the pattern to figure out what things are supposed to end up looking like, and where to put extra interfacing! Keep us all posted on this Marfy construction plan! Best,
    Meg in NC

  10. Good for you! I just ordered up a couple last fall and tried them for the first time. I really like them. I posted about them on my blog. They do come in a plain brown envelope and there are no instructions, no yardge amounts, not even a picture. (I printed the picture from Vogue's website to stick in the plastic bag I store each pattern in.) I plan on ordering some new ones and the catalog soon (can't get it on the newstand here in Podunk, NH).

    Both of my patterns worked up nicely and I'm very happy with both! I'm interested to see how your dress works out for you. I think the Riri zips will look fabulous!

  11. A Marfy Virgin, funny. I took a look at the pattern....never looked closely at them before...the sizes are very different from Burda's sizes. The Marfy size 54 is about equivalent to Burda's size 50. Marfy's sizing seems closer to the French confectionary sizes...is Marfy a French pattern?

  12. It's a beautiful dress, good luck with it. I have no doubt you will produce a fabulous garment!

  13. I too love the Marfy pattern illustrations, and I know the ones Liana makes turn out gorgeous.

    Thanks for being brave and giving it a try. I'm eager to see your results, as then I might join you in the adventure!

  14. I took the plunge last fall and ordered some, but have yet to make any. I love the way they are drafted though, and once out of that package they make wayyy so much sense. My problem too: the sizing. Most I need to size up. It seems most that I fall in love with go to a size 46 or 48, which is just not big enough.


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