Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sewing Inspiration

I usually spend Saturday mornings trolling the internet - visiting blogs, looking at online fashion spots, etc. I happen to love the Dana Buchman line. Have loved it for years but in my last job I really didn't need to wear the kind of clothing she sold but loved her line for color and style inspiration! Well what a difference a year this is "my" type of clothing for business attire again!

So you know I just about flipped this morning when I clicked in and saw her new spring collection and this trench:

Do I not have the perfect fabric (compliments of Kashi) to make this trench! Won't it just be fabu ~ yeah, I know I am overusing the word but it's my new word of the moment! Don't I have several trench patterns in my pattern stash that could become this amazing coat!

Now to contain my excitement, finish my SWAP, make those doll clothes and move onto Spring Sewing! Yes!!!!


  1. Like this. I have seen your Vogue pattern with long jacket, this looks similar.

  2. That is a nice looking trench coat. Also I love the purse you bought from qvc. I love when qvc do pusres they all start to look good.I have to stop myself before I order to much.

  3. Carolyn - I went on a shopping trip this weekend and I saw this trench in person. It is stunning!!! And I love the Dana Buchman line too, she has always been one of my favorites. I can't wait to see your finished trench.

  4. Hi.. I read your blog often and admire your sewing skills... finally decided to post a comment and just wanted to say the Dana Buchman line is awesome. I'm a novice sewer.. hope to make one of her designs one day.

  5. Love DB too, and am just dying to get started on a trench. I so hear you on staying on track and just finishing the SWAP. too many other wonderful ideas flowing right now, and the weather is not helping ... time to sew summer here.


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