Friday, March 16, 2007


There are 23 days left to SWAP according to Marji's blog and 16 days left according to Shannon's blog....but in my head there are four more weekends (including this one) to finish the last pieces of my "Corporate Chic" SWAP. Doing the dress SWAP has been considerably easier for me and really allowed me to just flow...

Last weekend I finished up the black/white plaid jumper - picture below.

So I still have two dresses - one of which will be reversible and one top left to make. I have already started one of the dresses, just need to be inspired to complete it. I definitely feel like I am going to finish the SWAP in plenty of time and even have enough time to do a photo shoot the way that I want. Last year I don't think that I properly displayed my garments or really gave a good description of how they worked in my wardrobe. These are definitely two areas I want to improve upon this year!
After I finish my SWAP - I am going to take a break from human clothes and make some clothes for my boss' daughter's American Girl doll. Her birthday is May 7th and I have planned a wardrobe of doll clothes for her 18" doll. I love sewing doll clothes especially since this is stress-free sewing. You plan, get creative & sew. The doll doesn't complain, doesn't worry about fit and I can usually make one or two outfits that just WOW! the little girl.

Finally two additional pictures - I posted about the Taginello purse that I bought from QVC last weekend...well it arrived and I have two shots of it for you Linda! The inside....

And the bag with the matching wallet...that was the part that really sold me. It is a little smaller than the huge tote I am presently lugging around but I notice that in the summer I carry less stuff so this should work out fine.

Gotta go to the sleet bangs against the is the middle of March, right? I mean Spring really is next Tuesday...'cause it sure feels like winter here in NJ!


  1. I love your plaid jumper - to me, it's so 1960s, Agent 99, groovy looking!! I bet you rock that dress!

    I think the time difference between Marji's blog and mine is that she has the time left until April 8th (when photos are due) and I have the cut off time as April 1st( which is when we are supposed to stop sewing, but Julie has said she doesn't care if people sew right to the last minute). I like to fool myself into believing there is less time, so if something goes horribly wrong, I always have "extra" time to clean up the mess.

  2. Love your jumper! I can't wait to see everyone's SWAP results.

  3. Love the jumper! Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. Thanks for the shot of the bag. I like it a lot. Looks like it is soft but sturdy!


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